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Why laughter belongs in your work life (podcast)
When her career was getting started in the 1970s, a partner interviewing Roberta "Bobbi" Liebenberg for an associate position asked if she would cry when things went south in court. "Why, do you want me to?" Liebenberg quipped.
Making It Work Rashida La Lande
Rashida La Lande, global general counsel at Kraft Heinz, is mindful of the example she sets for her sons and daughters. Childhood models guided her own career choices.
Self-care is the key to stress and anxiety management
When I teach mindfulness and meditation, I’ll often start by asking the people in the room for a show of hands: Do they frequently experience stress and anxiety? Almost all the hands in the room go up. Then I ask, “How many of you take deliberate steps to prevent or let go of stress and anxiety?” Often, it’s only a small percentage of the room that responds.
Shook Hardy lawyer in the spotlight for opposing pregnant lawyer’s continuance request
A Miami lawyer with Shook, Hardy & Bacon objected when a pregnant opposing lawyer sought a continuance because her due date coincided with a trial date.
Lawyer loneliness: Facing and fighting ‘No. 1 public health issue’
It can be lonely being a lawyer. We often spend long hours working in isolation. Even in law school, with almost 200 other students around me, I felt the sense of loneliness keenly. I saw my fellow classmates as competition.
Crafting helps high-achieving lawyers relax, recharge and have fun
Lawyers complement their practice of law with knitting, sewing, woodworking and similar hands-on artistic endeavors. They say it helps them to relieve stress, refresh and refocus.
Suffering can be the human consequence of lawyering
Many lawyers practice in the suffering business. Perhaps they should’ve taught us this in law school. What they also should’ve taught us in law school is that being in the presence of someone suffering affects you. Often, attorneys mistake this effect as weakness, ineffective lawyering, or as a sign that they are somehow flawed as an attorney.
Life, lemons and lemonade
The hard challenges always seem to throw me off balance and make the task of going to the office feel like an impossibility. In moments of calm, I can look ahead to challenges. The kindness of others makes difficult times bearable.
Changing minds: 4 strategies for effectively implementing a mindfulness program
Creating a long-term mindfulness program that encourages participants to practice on a regular basis isn’t easy. It takes a good launch protocol, selecting the right technology and delivery mechanism, and curating the content to be highly relevant.
‘Mommy track is a dead end’ at Morrison & Foerster, associates allege in $100M suit
Three associates at Morrison & Foerster have filed a would-be $100 million class-action suit that claims the firm maintains a “family-friendly façade” even as it discriminates against lawyer moms.
Top 10 female-friendly and family-friendly law firms named

Yale Law Women has expanded its take on the most family-friendly law firms.

This year, two lists are being produced: the top 10 family-friendly law firms, and the top 10…

7 Marathons, 7 Continents, 7 Days
Bret I. Parker, executive director of the New York City Bar Association, ran the World Marathon Challenge: seven marathons on seven continents in seven consecutive days.
10 Questions: LA lawyer and former congresswoman blazed a trail for women and minorities
Yvonne Brathwaite Burke in 1973 became the first African-American woman from California to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, and the first member of Congress to give birth while in office. She also was the first congresswoman to be granted maternity leave—a benefit that at the time had to be specifically authorized by the speaker of the House of Representatives.
Learn to deal with—and not hide—excessive worry
What I have learned is that anxiety actually serves an important function. It’s the body’s way of letting me know there is a reason for concern. It’s like a smoke detector. The trouble is that my smoke detector was hyperactive.
The Balance of Power: 2018 Law Day
Law Day is observed annually on May 1 and celebrates the role of law in our society. Events are held across the country on and around that date with the goal of cultivating a deeper understanding of the legal profession and its importance to our nation.

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