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As some employers offer ‘pawternity leave,’ Susman Godfrey joins the pack

Susman Godfrey sees no reason to keep its lawyers on a short leash.

The law firm offers unlimited paid parental leave and unlimited vacation to associates. And the vacation…

Legally bombed: Young millennial lawyers, same old alcoholism
“To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.”

That quote comes from Homer Simpson, a character who is not licensed to practice law in any of the several states that contain a city named Springfield. However, another classic Simpsons character with a drinking problem is Lionel Hutz, one of television’s most famous fictional lawyers.
For Law Student Mental Health Day, ABA groups focus on ways to promote well-being
Approach someone if you think he or she is having mental health problems, but don’t make assumptions or give examples of why you think something is amiss, says Laurie J. Besden, executive director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania.
I am a woman who left the law
I graduated with honors and landed an associate position at a respected, multistate law firm. I practiced for several years, then quit. I am one of the many female attorneys who show promise but never achieve “success,” leaving many asking “Why?”
From courtroom to concert stage, this criminal defense lawyer uses her voice to push for reform
Rochester, New York-based solo practitioner Danielle Ponder treats audiences to her signature soulful beat layered with lyrics inspired by the five years she spent as a public defender representing some of her city’s poorest citizens.
Tales of addiction: What every attorney should know about alcohol and substance abuse
Lawyers often are warned about the dangers of excessive alcohol use, even as they celebrate wins and mourn losses. Legal practitioners must understand the issues of control, compulsion and consequences in managing their consumption. If you have a gut feeling about troubles facing another lawyer, you don't have to diagnose the problem, says lawyer and consultant Jeena Cho. But you may need to prepare for a difficult conversation.
Firms sign ABA pledge to tackle lawyer mental health and substance-use issues
Several large law firms have signed a seven-point pledge developed by an ABA working group to target substance-use disorders and mental-health issues among lawyers.
Race and gender bias is rampant in law, says new report that also offers tools to fight it
A new report details the endemic bias women and minority lawyers continue to face compared to their white male counterparts, but it also offers some tools to disrupt the status quo.
Relaxing the anxious lawyer brain takes practice
Lawyers live in a constant cycle of exhaustion and tension, trying to do more in less time. Jeena Cho writes that it seems normal to fantasize about catastrophic events intervening to postpone a court hearing, client meeting or other anxiety-provoking event.
Incoming President Robert Carlson sees expansive roles for attorneys
Robert Carlson hopes that during his term as president the ABA will carry on its work toward bringing in more members and promoting the importance of an independent judicial system. He’d also like to see continued work involving changes in legal education and bar admissions, and the promotion of wellness for lawyers and law students.
Showrunners: Couple’s friendly fundraising competition launches marathon event
Lawyers Crystal and Michael Freed organized marathons and other events to raise money for legal aid and awareness of human trafficking.
Why laughter belongs in your work life (podcast)
When her career was getting started in the 1970s, a partner interviewing Roberta "Bobbi" Liebenberg for an associate position asked if she would cry when things went south in court. "Why, do you want me to?" Liebenberg quipped.
Making It Work Rashida La Lande
Rashida La Lande, global general counsel at Kraft Heinz, is mindful of the example she sets for her sons and daughters. Childhood models guided her own career choices.
Self-care is the key to stress and anxiety management
When I teach mindfulness and meditation, I’ll often start by asking the people in the room for a show of hands: Do they frequently experience stress and anxiety? Almost all the hands in the room go up. Then I ask, “How many of you take deliberate steps to prevent or let go of stress and anxiety?” Often, it’s only a small percentage of the room that responds.
Shook Hardy lawyer in the spotlight for opposing pregnant lawyer’s continuance request
A Miami lawyer with Shook, Hardy & Bacon objected when a pregnant opposing lawyer sought a continuance because her due date coincided with a trial date.

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