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Arrests are a possibility for 2 defense lawyers who quit USS Cole case over classified issue
A Guantanamo judge has ordered prosecutors to draft writs of attachment for two civilian defense lawyers who quit the USS Cole terrorism case over a classified issue involving compromised attorney-client privilege.
Trump praises Gorsuch and highlights judicial picks in his State of the Union speech
President Donald Trump acknowledged Justice Neil M. Gorsuch as he touted his judicial picks in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday.
Experts say Justice Department manipulated statistics on foreign-born terrorists

Seventy-three percent of people convicted of international terrorism-related charges since Sept. 11, 2001, were foreign-born, according to a report released Tuesday.

Some experts, however, criticize the statistics, report the…

House rejects privacy limits in voting to reauthorize new warrantless surveillance law

The U.S. House of Representatives rejected privacy limits on Thursday when it approved a six-year extension of the law that permits warrantless surveillance of foreign targets that can also sweep…

Libyan militant is convicted of terrorism in Benghazi attacks but is acquitted of murder

A Libyan militia leader was convicted Tuesday in Washington, D.C., on terrorism charges in the 2012 Benghazi attacks, but he was acquitted of murder.

Jurors convicted Ahmed Abu Khattala on…

Pentagon defers contempt sentence of chief defense counsel in Guantanamo defense ‘revolt’

A Pentagon official has deferred the contempt-of-court sentence of Marine Brig. Gen. John Baker, the lead defense counsel in the case of a Guantanamo Bay detainee that caused a revolt…

ABA president: Justice system protections are a critical part of response to terrorist tragedy
ABA President Hilarie Bass is calling for adherence to the rule of law following the terrorist attack that killed eight people and wounded 12 on Tuesday in New York City.
Trump backs away from idea of Gitmo trial for terror suspect, calls for end to diversity lottery
President Donald Trump called for harsh punishment, quick justice and an end to the diversity visa lottery program on Wednesday as he criticized the Manhattan terrorism suspect accused of killing eight people by driving a truck on a bicycle path one day earlier.
Chief defense lawyer for Gitmo military commissions is sentenced for contempt

A Guantanamo judge has imposed a contempt sentence of 21 days’ confinement on the Marine general who is chief defense counsel for the military commissions there.

The judge, Air Force…

Gitmo lawyers’ resignation over classified issue is part of defense ‘revolt’ in USS Cole case

Three civilian lawyers have quit their defense of the man accused of orchestrating the al-Qaida attack on the USS Cole, part of a “defense revolt” in the case, according to…

Judge is informed she is on a terrorist list; was it a random selection?

A Chicago judge says a security supervisor at the Indianapolis airport informed her during a mid-October trip that she was on a known terrorist list.

Judge Yolande Bourgeois tells

How the author of ‘The Forgotten Flight’ fought for justice for terror victims’ families (podcast)
If you mention a terrorist attack in which a Libyan suitcase bomb brought down an airliner, most people will be quick to remember Pan Am Flight 103, which crashed on Dec. 21, 1988 in Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people. But there is another, similar attack that happened nine months later, on Sept. 19, 1989.

Federal judge orders State Department to search its archives for Clinton emails referencing Benghazi

A federal judge has ruled the State Department must look in its own archives for emails then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have sent concerning the 2012 attack at the…

SCOTUS bans damages claim against Mueller, other former officials for Sept. 11 detentions

An implied right of action to sue federal officials for constitutional violations does not extend to a suit filed by immigrants who say they were rounded up and illegally detained…

ABA urges Supreme Court to hear case of Gitmo detainee held more than 15 years

The ABA filed an amicus brief on Wednesday that urges the U.S. Supreme Court to hear an appeal by a Guantanamo Bay detainee who has been held without trial for…

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