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2 schools seek approval to move Valpo Law to Middle Tennessee

A proposed agreement in which the Indiana-based Valparaiso University would gift its law school infrastructure to Middle Tennessee State University, which would offer a reimbursement for interim expenses, has been…

Lawyer’s statements about judges ‘rigging the game’ require suspension, top Tennessee court says
Update: A Memphis, Tennessee, lawyer has been suspended for filing motions accusing appellate judges of “rigging the game” and describing an opinion as a “purposeful fabrication.”
DOJ is challenging Tennessee ethics opinion on prosecutors’ obligations to disclose evidence

The Justice Department has picked a fight with an obscure ethics agency in Tennessee about how much evidence—called “discovery”—federal prosecutors should have to hand over to defense attorneys there.


Study: Mental illness exemption to death penalty would save Tennessee more than $1 million a year
Banning the death penalty for defendants with severe mental illness would save the state of Tennessee an estimated $1.4 to $1.9 million a year, a new ABA study says.
School lawyer asks about birds-and-bees talk, mom’s terminated pregnancy in teen’s bullying suit
A lawyer representing Nashville, Tennessee, schools wants to know how a teen suing the school has “developed sexually” and whether she is aware of her mother’s sexual history.
SoLI summit emphasizes breaking down silos, rethinking legal education
Updated: Law schools and lawyers must change the way they operate in a brave new world driven by data, technological change, and process management.
Ex-judge is accused of stealing drug court money to pay woman to change sexual favors story

A former Nashville judge has been accused of trying to pay more than $6,000 stolen from a drug-court nonprofit to get a woman to recant allegations against him and to…

Tennessee has imposed nearly $100K in fines for unlicensed hair braiding since 2009

Hair braiders without a “natural hair stylist” license in Tennessee can be punished with a civil penalty of $1,000 for each instance of unlicensed work.

The fines add up. According…

Federal judge considers $1M in fines for prison medical provider’s ‘intractable failures’

In late December, federal Magistrate Judge David Duncan waved an iPad in front of his Phoenix courtroom, enraged. He had just read a local news article suggesting that the Arizona…

When a mental health emergency lands you in jail

Early last year, two suicidal patients showed up at a hospital emergency room in Pierre, South Dakota, seeking help. Although the incidents happened weeks apart, both patients ended up in…

Relatives of undocumented children caught up in ICE dragnet

This summer, a Kansas City man named Edwin got a call from immigration officials. They had picked up his nephew at the southern border and wanted to release the teen…

Condemned to death—and solitary confinement

Arizona death row inmate Scott Nordstrom lives alone in a room smaller than a parking space. He’s allowed to leave his cell a few times each week to shower or…

Judge offers shorter sentences for offenders who get vasectomies or contraceptive implants

Updated: Dozens of inmates in White County, Tennessee, have taken advantage of a judge’s offer of a 30-day sentence credit if they undergo vasectomies or contraceptive implants.

Judge Sam Benningfield…

Silver Gavel Awards have honored outstanding depictions of law in media for 60 years

In 2017, the ABA Silver Gavel Awards for Media and the Arts will celebrate their 60th anniversary. To Kill a Mockingbird, Law & Order, NPR’s All Things Considered, SCOTUSblog and Netflix’s Making a Murderer—these were different forms of media, but all increased public awareness and understanding of the American judicial system and all have earned Silver Gavels over the years.

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