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Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings to start Sept. 4
Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will begin on Sept. 4.
Kavanaugh memo urged independent counsel Starr not to pursue Clinton indictment while in office

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh once told independent counsel Ken Starr in a memo that he shouldn’t pursue an indictment of President Bill Clinton while he was in office.


Kavanaugh email shows offer to prepare ex-AG Ashcroft on attorney-client monitoring issue
A 2001 email released Thursday is likely to raise new questions about U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s involvement in terrorism policies when he was an assistant White House counsel in the George W. Bush administration.
Did Kavanaugh’s ‘one race’ assertion signal a vote against racial preferences?

Supporters of affirmative action are concerned about a 2012 opinion of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that delayed but ultimately allowed a voter ID law in South Carolina opposed by the Obama administration’s Justice Department.

Kavanaugh seems to shun gun registration laws, but may not oppose license training requirements

If appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh could be less hospitable to gun regulation—and more likely to vote in favor of cert grants on gun cases—than the…

Kavanaugh once questioned the Nixon tapes decision; was he espousing a ‘unitary executive’ theory?

A transcript given to the Senate Judiciary Committee over the weekend reveals that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh once questioned the unanimous 1974 U.S. Supreme Court decision that forced President…

Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh got mostly glowing evaluations from his law students
Law students who evaluated Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s classes gave mostly glowing evaluations to the future U.S. Supreme Court nominee.

One student at Georgetown was so impressed that the 2007 evaluation read: “I honestly believe I took a class that was instructed by a future Supreme Court justice." Others rated Kavanaugh as their best professor ever. Students said he was accessible outside of class, evenhanded, fair-minded, well-versed in the materials and smart. One noted his “great hair!”
Indicted Russian company cites Kavanaugh opinion on campaign finance in bid to get charge tossed

An indicted Russian company accused of taking part in an “information warfare” campaign to influence the 2016 presidential election is citing an opinion by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in…

Democrats want to know whether Kavanaugh had any role in torture and detainee policies under GW Bush

Democrats are seeking files from the George W. Bush administration to learn whether Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had any role in formulating policies on the treatment of detainees.


Kavanaugh praised Rehnquist’s stand against unenumerated rights in Roe v. Wade dissent

The late Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist was Brett Kavanaugh’s “first judicial hero,” the Supreme Court nominee said in a Constitution Day speech last September.

Kavanaugh praised Rehnquist for taking…

Love of baseball contributed to significant credit card debt for Supreme Court nominee

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh made about $220,000 a year as a federal appeals judge, but he still managed to rack up tens of thousands of dollars in credit card…

ABA committee to evaluate Trump’s Supreme Court pick Kavanaugh
President Donald Trump praised Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s "impeccable credentials" and "unsurpassed qualifications" when he nominated Kavanaugh on Monday to replace Justice Anthony M. Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court.
Meet Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court
Judge Brett Kavanaugh explained his judicial philosophy when he accepted President Donald Trump’s nomination Monday evening to replace Justice Anthony M. Kennedy to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Trump reportedly interviewed these judges for the Supreme Court; is Kethledge a co-contender?

Updated:President Donald Trump reportedly interviewed four federal appeals judges Monday in his search for a replacement for retiring Justice Anthony M. Kennedy.

Trump spoke with four judges previously said to be on a five-judge shortlist, according to anonymous sources who spoke with Above the Law, the New York Times, Bloomberg News and the Washington Post.

Trump to announce his Supreme Court nominee on July 9; two women are being considered
President Donald Trump said Friday that he has narrowed his list to a handful of potential U.S. Supreme Court nominees and will announce his choice to replace Justice Anthony M. Kennedy on July 9.

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