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Here’s the legal lowdown on document management software
Choosing the right technology tools for your law firm can be a confusing endeavor. After all, there are so many different types of software products available and so many choices to make when it comes to features, pricing and security. Sifting through the maze of information can be a time-consuming process that can quickly become overwhelming.
Boutique law firm seeking ‘artisan of prose’ invites essays that make case for Pulitzer Prize losers
A Washington, D.C, law firm is asking applicants for an associate position to demonstrate their “expositional prowess” by submitting an essay that requires some literary knowledge.
Ask Daliah: 5 reasons why I love being a lawyer
This morning, I woke up extra early to prepare for a complicated hearing in federal court. After court, I returned to my desk to deal with a barrage of emails and voicemail from hostile opposing counsel. By 2 p.m., I felt especially tired, frustrated, and depleted. As I was laying my head down on my desk, I received an unexpected visit from a client who was "in the neighborhood." He brought me two bottles of wine and personally thanked me for everything we have done for him this past year. Shortly after he left, the mail came in. I opened two handwritten thank-you notes from other clients.
Lawyer’s tardiness wasn’t enough of a reason to toss suit, 2nd Circuit rules

A lawyer who “unwisely believed” he could appear on time for a court hearing may be sanctioned for his late appearance, but dismissing the case was too severe a sanction,…

Legal secretary is awarded $277K in attorney fees in her overtime suit against her former law firm

A Los Angeles judge on Monday awarded $277,000 in attorney fees to a former legal secretary who prevailed on her claim that the law firm she once worked for failed…

Ask Daliah: 5 ways to wish clients happy holidays (without the clutter of cards)
Dear Daliah: What is your opinion on mailing out greeting cards to clients for the holidays?
Ask Daliah: Stand tall in your use of body language
Dear Daliah: You’re only 5-foot-2? You seem … taller.

Dear Reader: It’s a question I get quite often and one that I thought would be a great segue for this month's article.
Former federal prosecutors increasingly shun BigLaw to open boutique firms

A small but growing number of former federal prosecutors are choosing to open their own law firms rather than join large law firms.

Federal prosecutors are opening their own legal…

Ask Daliah: Opening your law office to open spaces
Dear Daliah: What is the best way to set up a 21st century office?

Right on the Money: Tips on how to get your clients to pay the bill

Heidi Machen of San Francisco, who practices employment, government regulatory, contract and landlord-tenant law, has had slow-pay clients. But she also has “a tenacious assistant who is a very effective collector,” she says.

“I usually don’t have trouble,” Machen says. “I regard the client as a business partner, and I explain this, saying ‘I’ll do my part, and I expect you to do your part, which includes timely payment of my bill.’ ”

Law firm creates ‘bespoke’ tasks for job applicants (it helps to be a Saul Bellow fan or math whiz)
Lawyers interested in associate positions with the intellectual property boutique Fisch Sigler are asked to go beyond submission of the traditional cover letter and resume.
How prepared are law firms for cyber breaches? And how often are firms being attacked?
On the same day that a massive ransomware attack hit DLA Piper, cybersecurity startup firm LogicForce released a chilling report that found that law firms are still woefully unprepared for all sorts of cyber threats.
Median pay for new associates doesn’t budge from 2015
Median pay for first-year associates is the same as it was two years ago—$135,000—according to a salary survey by the National Association for Law Placement.
Ask Daliah: Free client consultations can cost you
Dear Daliah: Should I offer free initial client consultations?

Dear Readers: Unless you have a very streamlined process for fielding new clients or can delegate the task to a non-attorney, my recommendation would be to charge.
Victimized by ransomware, law firm sues insurer for $700K in lost billings

A Rhode Island law firm has filed a lawsuit against its insurer over coverage for a ransomware attack that locked down the firm’s computer files for three months.

Moses Afonso…

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