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Arizona law determines fate of frozen embryos in divorce cases
Arizona’s Parental Right to Embryo law requires courts in divorce proceedings to award in vitro embryos to the spouse who intends to allow them to develop to birth.
What do AI, blockchain and GDPR mean for cybersecurity?
Emerging technologies will affect cybersecurity in the coming years. Artificial intelligence and blockchain will play pivotal roles in data protection, creating new solutions, risks and regulatory headaches.
FBI asks Google to turn over data on all users who were close to robbery locations

The FBI has asked Google for location data on anyone close in time and location to robberies in Virginia and Maine.

The FBI’s “reverse location” orders could ensnare anyone who…

In the battle for net neutrality, the A2J community is notably quiet
The battle over net neutrality is opening new fronts.

Just a few weeks ago, the U.S. Department of Justice sued California to stop its new net neutrality law from going into effect.
A suspect is forced by the FBI to unlock an iPhone using facial recognition

An Apple iPhone X user, suspected of possessing child pornography, was forced by the FBI use facial recognition to unlock their phone.

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Philippa Ryan: Developing trust through blockchain
Philippa Ryan thinks a lot about trust. A barrister in Australia, she lectures on the subject, and her PhD thesis focused on the breach of trust and the liability of third parties. So when Ryan heard about trustless relationships enabled by blockchain technology, her interest was piqued.
The small country making a big impact on blockchain adoption

Ian Gauci tells Ari Kaplan: “We are a small nation without any particular resources, save for the sun and the sea. Other than that, we have human capital, so we always try to create niches to prosper.”

The top 10 legal tech stories of 2017
What were the year's most important legal tech stories? Read ABA Journal legal affairs writer Jason Tashea's takes on how cybercrime to self-tracking devices to tweets had an impact on the law in 2017.
Courts need help when it comes to science and tech
Social science research is “sociological gobbledygook,” at least according to Chief Justice John Roberts. The Chief Justice made this comment during the Oct. 3 oral argument for the political redistricting case Gill v. Whitford.
Estonia considering new legal status for artificial intelligence

Estonia is considering a legal status for artificial intelligence beyond property.

The Baltic nation’s Economy Ministry, according to a report from Bloomberg, is considering a “robot-agent” status that would…

Supreme Court can ‘botch the truth,’ review finds; law prof sees need for technical advisers
The U.S. Supreme Court needs technical help, according to Fordham law professor John Pfaff.
Federal judge refuses to toss shareholder suit against Wells Fargo executives

A federal judge in San Francisco has refused to toss a shareholder lawsuit against executives and directors of Wells Fargo over sales pressures that led employees to open millions of…

Claimed email inventor loses defamation suit against TechDirt

A federal judge in Boston has tossed a suit filed by the claimed inventor of email who alleged that TechDirt defamed him when it called him “a liar” and…

Regulators enlist corporate lawyers in joint response to cyberattacks

Responding quickly to an identity theft, ransomware or other computer attack means having a plan in place. And as participants in the National Institute on Cybersecurity Law learned, that includes…

Murdered woman’s Fitbit data inconsistent with husband’s story, police say

Police who charged a Connecticut man with the murder of his wife are citing electronic evidence, including data from her Fitbit fitness tracker.

Richard Dabate, 40, told police he was…

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