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What frequently misused—or misspelled—phrases annoy you?
You often can't hear the difference between the “right” and “wrong” versions of common expressions. But in this digital age when so much of our communication is typed, it's easy to fall into language traps—and see whether someone is misusing or misspelling a common expression.
What was your path to law? Twitter threads dazzle
This month, law lecturer Matthew Channon of Exeter University in England encouraged lawyers from less privileged backgrounds to share their stories on Twitter.
How was your legal education paid for?
The possible factors behind the skyrocketing cost of attending law school and the large sums borrowed by many law students in pursuit of a JD are constantly in the spotlight.
Do you or your law firm accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrency for payment?

In 2013, a handful of large law firms started accepting payments in bitcoin. Today it’s more commonplace—lawyers understand cryptocurrency better. Ethics authorities have weighed in on accepting bitcoin payments.…

Which judge is the best writer?

This week, Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern opined that he thought Neil M. Gorsuch’s writing has gone downhill.

“During his tenure on the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Gorsuch…

Do you knit or create other handiwork?

What do you do when you need to unwind? Or just keep your hands busy?

People are often dismissive of knitting, lawyer Jeena Cho—a new ABA Journal contributor—wrote recently…

What cybersecurity precautions do you take?

Do you use a password manager? Two-factor authentication? The ABA Journal is presenting a yearlong series of cybersecurity stories on the web and our print magazine, and this week legal…

What are your favorite office supplies?

The holidays are over, and most of us are back at the office.

We’ve asked you in the past about your “work uniform” and your primary work computer.

What were the top legal words of 2017?

After named “complicit” its legal word of 2017, someone asked legal journalist Robert Ambrogi what he considered to be the legal technology word of the year. (His eventual…

Which colleagues and clients do you buy gifts for?

We’re in the thick of the season of holiday parties and year-end bonuses. And possibly gifts for co-workers and clients.

This week, we’d like to ask you: Which colleagues…

Can you write a happy legal-themed story in 4 words?

On Wednesday morning, the hashtag #writeahappystoryin4words was trending on Twitter.

Some of the super-short happy stories we found:

Eating without getting fat.

Baby shoes, well worn.

Did you or your spouse work during labor and delivery of your child?

“How many of you worked while you (or spouse) were at hospital during labor/delivery of your child?”

That question was posed by Keith Lee the other day on Twitter

Does your workplace allow pets? Do you ever take your pet to work with you?

People love their pets. So much so that they’re nowadays considered to be part of the family. We’ve previously reported that it’s not uncommon for dogs, cats and other…

What do you love most about being a lawyer?

Last Friday was “Love Your Lawyer Day,” an annual day of appreciation promoted the by American Lawyers Public Image Association to honor those in the industry.

The campaign outlined different…

What is your law school’s best quality?

The Princeton Review just released its annual rankings of law schools. These rankings are largely based on surveys of law students, and cover a variety of aspects of the…

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