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What’s your advice for someone deciding whether to apply to law school?
Should you go to law school? If you aren't sure, what can help you reach a decision?
Is humor a part of your workday—or trial strategy?
"Strategically placed humor is something that is very important, and something, actually, we don’t talk about that much," says Roberta "Bobbi" Liebenberg, a senior partner with Fine, Kaplan and Black in Philadelphia in an ABA Journal Asked and Answered: Lived and Learned podcast.
Have you experienced or seen gender-based harassment from judges or opposing counsel?
What does it take to be a trial lawyer if you're not a man? Lara Bazelon, a clinical professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law, raises the question in a recent article for the Atlantic, describing how she's felt the need to calibrate her appearance and approach at trial in a way that her male colleagues did not. Female litigators shared their stories of courtroom humiliations—one said opposing counsel filed a motion that she “preclude emotional displays” during trial, and another said a judge once slapped her on the back of her hand after she had earlier asked for a delay in proceedings.
Do you have self-care routines?
Many lawyers complain about their stress and anxiety—perhaps you do as well. But what are the concrete steps you take to manage stress and anxiety?
What lessons did you take away from the bar exam?

Last year, Volokh Conspiracy blogger Orin Kerr took the California bar exam before starting to work in his current position as a professor at the University of Southern California Gould…

Is there a place other than your office or home where you go to get work done?

Do you sometimes get cabin fever—and very little work done—at your workplace desk or home office?

Does your office have unusual amenities?

In the last couple of months, the 27-lawyer, Chicago-based Edelson law firm unveiled a revamped office complete with street-art murals, a virtual driving range and a volleyball court in a bid to appeal to millennials.

How do you read your news? What publications do you read?
What is your media diet?
How do you deal with difficult clients?

It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter a difficult client at least once in your career. Knowing the best way to deal with such an individual may help keep things calm all…

Should job interviews be phased out?

If you’ve ever had job interviews, then you know the same questions and statements will crop up: Why should we hire you? What’s your biggest weakness (or strength)? Tell me…

What advice do you have for someone studying for the bar exam?
School is out, and for recent law school graduates, it's bar exam season.
Has pro bono work helped you professionally?
Can pro bono pay off?
Do you believe you are fairly compensated for your work?
This week, we noted a Martindale Legal Marketing Network survey of 6,900 solo and small-firm lawyers in which 68 percent reported they felt they were fairly compensated for their work.
What is the most you’ve ever billed or worked in a year?
This week we took note of Daniel Bliss, a Michigan lawyer who reported in an annual survey conducted by the publishers of American Lawyer that he billed 3,600 hours last year. That's about 70 hours per week—every week.
Do you read novels?
Can reading literary fiction help lawyers develop more empathy? Or do reading such works warp your mind a little bit?

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