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17 ABA Journal articles on Puerto Rico.

Florida nonprofit legal clinic hires Puerto Rican attorneys displaced by Hurricane Maria
The Puerto Rican Bar Association of Florida has opened a nonprofit legal clinic focused on providing legal services to Puerto Ricans who have settled in Florida after fleeing Hurricane Maria—and the clinic is employing displaced Puerto Rican attorneys.
It’s difficult to describe lawyers’ situations in Puerto Rico, but hurricane damage was ‘extreme’
The impact of the hurricanes over the island was not uniform, with some areas suffering extreme devastation. There was greater havoc in the eastern and central parts of the island, so many lawyers in those communities are still without power in their offices.
Island lawyers start to pick up the pieces in the wake of hurricanes

As someone who had lived in the U.S. Virgin Islands since he graduated from law school in 1982, Tom Bolt has experienced hurricane damage firsthand.

“In 1989 we had Hurricane…

Legal aid hotline opens for Hurricane Irma victims

Updated: A legal aid hotline has opened for Hurricane Irma victims in Florida who can’t afford a lawyer.

The hotline number is 866-550-2929, report the Orlando Sentinel and an…

Puerto Rico seeks bankruptcy-type protection from creditor suits under new Promesa law

Puerto Rico is seeking to halt creditor lawsuits by seeking protection under the new Promesa bankruptcy law for insolvent territories.

Puerto Rico acted Wednesday to seek relief from about $74…

Supreme Court decision leaves restructuring of Puerto Rico’s debt to Congress

Federal bankruptcy law bars Puerto Rico from restructuring the debt of its insolvent public utilities, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in a 5-2 decision.

The ruling leaves Puerto Rico’s…

Supreme Court considers Puerto Rico’s sovereignty and double jeopardy

Questions about Puerto Rico’s sovereignty were before the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday as justices considered whether double jeopardy barred Puerto Rico from trying two defendants prosecuted on federal gun…

Chicken sandwich can’t be copyrighted, federal appeals court rules

A ham sandwich, as popular lore has it, may well be indictable.

But a chicken sandwich isn’t copyrightable, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Agreeing with a trial court’s decision,…

Puerto Rico judge convicted in bribe-taking case

A Puerto Rico Superior Court judge has been convicted of accepting bribes to acquit a man in a fatal drunk-driving case.

Manuel Acevedo-Hernandez, 62, was convicted Wednesday of conspiracy to…

Judge upholds gay-marriage ban, says contrary rulings rely on ‘ingenuity and imagination’

A federal judge in Puerto Rico has upheld a ban on gay marriage in an opinion calling heterosexual marriage “the fundamental unit of the political order.”

U.S. District Judge Juan…

After mass layoffs, foreclosure law firm faces eviction

A foreclosure law firm is facing eviction from its offices in Woburn, Massachusetts, after laying off the majority of its lawyers, paralegals and other staffers.

The firm, Connolly, Geaney, Ablitt…

Puerto Rico Federal Case Alleges that Apple, Apps, Invade Privacy

Last week, two women filed a federal complaint against Apple and various apps developers, accusing them of intentionally seeking users’ private smartphone information and sharing it with third-party advertisers.


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