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Sessions says parents will likely be separated from children after crossing the border illegally
Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Monday that he is implementing a zero-tolerance policy for illegal crossings at the Southwest border and aims to prosecute “as many of those cases as humanly possible until we get to 100 percent.”
Sessions sends more prosecutors, supervisory judges to border to handle immigration cases

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Wednesday he is responding to the “crisis at the Southwest border” with additional prosecutors and the use of supervisory immigration judges.

Sessions said in a…

How broken windows policing changed the legal landscape in ‘Misdemeanorland’ (podcast)

As violent crime in New York City peaked from 1988-1991, policy makers were desperate for ways to combat and prevent it. In 1994, a new theory was embraced by the…

How will prosecutors handle privileged documents from Michael Cohen raids?
President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that attorney-client privilege was “dead” after the FBI raid of his personal lawyer Mark Cohen’s New York office and hotel room, where agents reportedly sought records about two women who received payments to keep quiet after claiming they had affairs with Trump.
Manhattan US attorney reportedly recused himself in Michael Cohen probe before FBI raids
Updated: Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman reportedly recused himself in the probe of President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen before the FBI raided the lawyer’s offices and temporary home.
US attorney in Chicago will oversee document production in House committee’s Clinton probe

U.S. Attorney John Lausch of Chicago has been tapped to oversee the Justice Department’s production of documents in a House Judiciary Committee probe into the FBI’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s…

Pennsylvania DA is charged with protecting drug dealers, trading favorable treatment for sex
A long-time district attorney in Pennsylvania has been arrested on 31 charges that accuse him of thwarting drug investigations and trading favorable treatment for sex.
Family, probing lawyer’s death, plans to appeal ruling shielding prosecutor from answering questions
The family of a Connecticut lawyer found shot to death in his overturned Mercedes SUV plans to appeal a federal magistrate judge’s decision shielding a prosecutor from answering questions about his decision-making in the case.
Prosecutor with medieval history expertise will take more prominent role on Trump’s legal team

A contract prosecutor who handles murder cases in Brunswick, Georgia, is taking a more prominent role on President Donald Trump’s legal team after the recent resignation of lead lawyer…

North Carolina police issue broad warrants for data from Google users near crime scenes
Police in North Carolina are using search warrants to collect cellphone location data of individuals near a crime scene.
Dark tale of ‘The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist’ brings false convictions to light (podcast)
For nearly two decades, Dr. Steven Hayne and Dr. Michael West were the go-to experts who Mississippi law enforcement and prosecutors relied on when there was a potential homicide. Hayne performed the bulk of the autopsies in the state, while West was a dentist who touted his skill in bite-mark analysis and his pioneering use of UV light on human skin to detect trace markings he claimed he could match to objects. But after years of investigations and countless testimonies from the men, their claims of expertise began to fall apart—and wrongful convictions began coming to light.
Supreme Court considers reach of old law in Microsoft case
The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday considered how to apply an old law to new technology during oral arguments on the ability of federal prosecutors to use a warrant to obtain a drug dealer’s emails stored on a Microsoft server in Europe.
Court Watch NYC volunteers sit in courtrooms to monitor how prosecutors use their discretion
After years of focusing efforts on private prisons, mandatory sentences and money bail, people trying to change the criminal justice system have identified another target: prosecutors. In an influential book last year, Fordham University professor John Pfaff argued prosecutors were the main driver behind the soaring U.S. incarceration rate—almost always unwatched and unopposed. Left-leaning philanthropist George Soros and the ACLU, among others, are recruiting and funding district attorney candidates who promise to curtail the use of the death penalty, expand diversion programs and stop prosecuting low-level crimes. There is even a new stab at a Progressive Prosecutor’s Handbook.
Prosecution in USS Cole case at Guantanamo appeals suspension of trial

The chief prosecutor in the USS Cole bombing trial has appealed the judge’s decision to suspend the case, the Miami Herald and Law360 report.

Lead prosecutor Mark Miller…

DOJ should consider whether new charging policy is likely to achieve justice, ABA House says

In accordance with the ABA’s long-standing support for prosecutorial discretion and sentencing reform, Resolution 108C asks the Department of Justice to reconsider the guidelines laid out in a…

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