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Trump allies propose nationalizing Facebook, Google data
After President Donald Trump railed against Google for an anti-Trump news bias last week, his allies are arguing for a nationalization of data held by major American technology companies, raising questions about the role trusts and fiduciaries could play in the data economy.
Class action filed against Google over location tracking
A California man has brought a suit against Google for collecting location data, even when “Location History” was turned off.
DNC lawsuit against WikiLeaks served via Twitter

The Democratic National Committee has used Twitter to serve a lawsuit against WikiLeaks that accuses the website of participating in a conspiracy to hack into DNC emails and denigrate…

Judge orders Discord app to reveal identity of woman accused of encouraging Charlottesville violence

A federal magistrate judge in San Francisco has ordered an anonymous messaging app to release the identity of a woman accused of helping plan violence at the white supremacist rally…

Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh’s record on surveillance could raise questions for Rand Paul
U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) recently tweeted that he is keeping an open mind on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
Federal officials order DNA tests to help reunite immigrant parents and children
The federal government will use DNA tests to quickly match up parents and children in immigration custody, CBS, Reuters, CNN and the BBC reported Thursday.
California law gives consumers new rights to prevent collection and sale of online data
A new data privacy law in California will give consumers the right to obtain data collected about them, the right to request deletion of the data, and the right to direct a business not to sell the information to third parties.
Judge refuses to toss money laundering charge against Manafort, upholds search of storage unit
A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has refused to dismiss a money laundering charge against Paul Manafort and refused to exclude evidence seized from his storage unit.
Supreme Court rules police generally need a warrant to get cellphone location data
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision Friday that that police generally need to get a warrant supported by probable cause before obtaining cellphone location data.
Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer claims Avenatti defamed him, Cohen violated his privacy rights

Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer, Keith Davidson, has responded to her lawsuit alleging collusion with Michael Cohen with a counterclaim against the porn star and a crossclaim against President Donald…

4 women challenge Idaho’s ‘pregnancy exclusion’ for living wills

Four women have challenged the constitutionality of an Idaho law that nullifies an adult woman’s living will if she is pregnant.

The federal lawsuit asserts that Idaho’s law on…

New suit is filed against dancing cosmetic surgeon, this time for alleged privacy violation

An Atlanta-area dermatologist who posted videos of herself singing and dancing during cosmetic surgery has settled four malpractice suits, including one by a woman who suffered permanent brain damage following…

Motorcycle on driveway can’t be searched without a warrant, Supreme Court rules
The automobile exception to the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement does not allow a warrantless search of a motorcycle parked in a driveway, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday.
FBI overestimated the number of encrypted phones while arguing for workarounds
The FBI has admitted that it overestimated—by potentially 550 percent, sources say—the number of cellphones investigators cannot access due to encryption.
‘Westworld’ story lines connect with real-world legal issues
A fictional theme park with a wild west theme is the setting for the HBO series Westworld, where guests pay to live out their fantasies. Those familiar with the darker side of the human condition won’t be surprised to learn that these fantasies often entail patrons killing as many of the amusement park hosts as they please.

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