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12 ABA Journal On Well-Being articles.

Tales of addiction: What every attorney should know about alcohol and substance abuse
Lawyers often are warned about the dangers of excessive alcohol use, even as they celebrate wins and mourn losses. Legal practitioners must understand the issues of control, compulsion and consequences in managing their consumption. If you have a gut feeling about troubles facing another lawyer, you don't have to diagnose the problem, says lawyer and consultant Jeena Cho. But you may need to prepare for a difficult conversation.
Relaxing the anxious lawyer brain takes practice
Lawyers live in a constant cycle of exhaustion and tension, trying to do more in less time. Jeena Cho writes that it seems normal to fantasize about catastrophic events intervening to postpone a court hearing, client meeting or other anxiety-provoking event.
Self-care is the key to stress and anxiety management
When I teach mindfulness and meditation, I’ll often start by asking the people in the room for a show of hands: Do they frequently experience stress and anxiety? Almost all the hands in the room go up. Then I ask, “How many of you take deliberate steps to prevent or let go of stress and anxiety?” Often, it’s only a small percentage of the room that responds.
Lawyer loneliness: Facing and fighting ‘No. 1 public health issue’
It can be lonely being a lawyer. We often spend long hours working in isolation. Even in law school, with almost 200 other students around me, I felt the sense of loneliness keenly. I saw my fellow classmates as competition.
Suffering can be the human consequence of lawyering
Many lawyers practice in the suffering business. Perhaps they should’ve taught us this in law school. What they also should’ve taught us in law school is that being in the presence of someone suffering affects you. Often, attorneys mistake this effect as weakness, ineffective lawyering, or as a sign that they are somehow flawed as an attorney.
Changing minds: 4 strategies for effectively implementing a mindfulness program
Creating a long-term mindfulness program that encourages participants to practice on a regular basis isn’t easy. It takes a good launch protocol, selecting the right technology and delivery mechanism, and curating the content to be highly relevant.
Learn to deal with—and not hide—excessive worry
What I have learned is that anxiety actually serves an important function. It’s the body’s way of letting me know there is a reason for concern. It’s like a smoke detector. The trouble is that my smoke detector was hyperactive.
Learn to quiet the inner critic and its impossible demands
Who do you think you are? Stop talking. You’re making a fool of yourself. You’re not really going to wear that to court, are you? You’re screwing this up! You’re not good enough. They should just take away your bar license. Do these thoughts sound familiar?
The Art of Resting: How to fit relaxation into a busy schedule
When my husband and I got married, the honeymoon was the only vacation we’d had in over three years. I recall sitting on the porch of a beautiful house in Kauai with nothing to do and full of anxiety. I had no idea how to rest.
Mindfulness meditation: an achievable resolution for lawyer well-being
The National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being recommends mindfulness meditation. Research indicates that mindfulness can reduce rumination, stress, depression and anxiety.

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