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40 ABA Journal articles on North Dakota.

I Did It Norway: Some American prisons are singing a European tune

In August, when the solar eclipse passed over South Boise Women’s Correctional Center in Idaho, the officers held lunch early, handed out protective sunglasses, and invited the women outside to…

Jeff’s Law
A special preview from the October issue: The attorney general sees his role as pushing present-day law enforcement toward a rose-colored past.
When a mental health emergency lands you in jail

Early last year, two suicidal patients showed up at a hospital emergency room in Pierre, South Dakota, seeking help. Although the incidents happened weeks apart, both patients ended up in…

North Dakota judge laments decline in civility, cites ‘Seinfeld’

A North Dakota judge has denied a prosecution request for a new judge in a murder conspiracy trial in an opinion that took the lawyers to task for their heated…

Supreme Court makes venue shopping harder for patent trolls

Could this be the end of out-of-town patent lawyers flocking to Marshall, Texas? They’ve become known for showing up in luxury cars, ordering catered gourmet meals for their trial war rooms and running up expensive hotel tabs. That’s the future some observers predict for the top destination for patent infringement lawsuits after a U.S. Supreme Court decision limited the venues where such suits may be filed.

Silver Gavel Awards have honored outstanding depictions of law in media for 60 years

In 2017, the ABA Silver Gavel Awards for Media and the Arts will celebrate their 60th anniversary. To Kill a Mockingbird, Law & Order, NPR’s All Things Considered, SCOTUSblog and Netflix’s Making a Murderer—these were different forms of media, but all increased public awareness and understanding of the American judicial system and all have earned Silver Gavels over the years.

Federal judge denies injunction, permitting Dakota Access Pipeline to go forward

A Washington, D.C. federal court ruling Tuesday paves the way for completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, over strong objections from neighboring tribal communities, Reuters has reported.

The ruling…

8 strategies for constructing your new law firm

It’s 2017, and we are all cyborgs. Don’t believe me? What’s the capital of Kyrgyzstan? You just thought about reaching for your smartphone—your auxiliary brain—to look it up, didn’t you? Instant knowledge is unremarkable in 2017, which is solid evidence that we are living in the future.

Judge blocks riot charge over journalist’s protest report; prosecutor sees her as a protester

A judge in North Dakota on Monday refused to sign a document charging a radio journalist with engaging in a riot for her reporting on protests at an oil pipeline…

Judge is back on bench after sports injury damaged vision in both eyes

A North Dakota judge returned to the bench this week, after a two-month leave of absence when a sports injury eliminated much of his vision in both of his eyes.

North Dakota legalizes weaponized drones for police use

A new law allows North Dakota police officers to use drones outfitted with “less than lethal” weapons.

That means police can use drones equipped with everything from Tasers to tear…

8th Circuit strikes down strict abortion law but questions fetal viability standard

A federal appeals court has questioned the Supreme Court’s abortion standards while striking down a strict North Dakota abortion law that generally banned abortions as soon as a fetal heartbeat…

Man who bicycled to work at hockey game is convicted of DUI for operating Zamboni while drunk

Is an ice-resurfacing machine a motor vehicle as defined by the city code of Fargo, North Dakota?

A defense lawyer said it isn’t, but a municipal court judge disagreed. He…

Lawyer accused of lying about malpractice coverage is disbarred by consent

A North Carolina lawyer accused of falsifying documents to claim he had malpractice coverage has been disbarred by consent.

Edward McVey III of Greensboro, North Carolina, provided falsified documents to…

Facebook posts get day care worker fired before job begins, add 12 days to paratrooper’s enlistment

Two recent stories illustrate yet again how social media posts can land employees in deep trouble with their employers.

A single mom in Texas was happy to have a new…

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