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Ex-casino mogul Steve Wynn sues over lawyer’s ‘leering’ accusation in press release

Former casino mogul Steve Wynn has sued civil rights lawyer Lisa Bloom over a press release that claimed he had leered at dancers forced to wear only bras and panties…

Federal judge in Nevada throws out charges against Cliven Bundy and sons, slams government

After finding that FBI evidence was not disclosed to the defense before trial along with “flagrant misconduct” by prosecutors, a federal judge threw out charges in Nevada against cattleman Cliven…

Vegas lawyer is suspended partly for Facebook comments accusing judge of religious bias
The Nevada Supreme Court has suspended a Las Vegas lawyer for six months partly because he accused a judge of religious discrimination on Facebook.
Judge delays execution because of concerns about drug in new cocktail

At least two states are planning to try new combinations of execution drugs that include the opioid painkiller fentanyl.

One of those states is Nevada, which wants to use a…

ACLU sues Nevada, alleging constitutionally inadequate indigent defense system

The ACLU of Nevada has sued the state, alleging that indigent defense in rural counties is so inadequate—and so poorly overseen by state authorities—that the defense provided is insufficient under…

Brain of Las Vegas gunman will be examined by Stanford neuropathologist
The brain of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock is being shipped to a neuropathologist in California who will check for abnormalities that could explain why Paddock fired into a concert crowd, killing 58 people.
Suits over Las Vegas mass shooting face obstacles, including federal law protecting gun makers

Lawsuits filed in the Las Vegas mass shooting that left 58 people dead face several obstacles–including a 2005 federal law that protects gun manufacturers and sellers from civil claims brought…

Program helps inmates learn to ‘gentle’ horses at Nevada ranch

Inmates at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center are training wild horses in a “gentling” process that is also benefiting the inmates.

Hank Curry, the cowboy who runs the program, “had…

Emotional distress suit is filed in Las Vegas shooting against makers of ‘bump stocks’
Updated: Three people who witnessed the mass shooting earlier this month at a Las Vegas music festival have filed a would-be class action lawsuit against the makers and sellers of "bump stocks," the device used by the gunman to accelerate gunfire from his semi-automatic weapon.
Cases raise questions about adult guardianship and lawyer-hospital relationships
Cases in Michigan and South Carolina are raising questions about lawyers who receive guardianship appointments as a result of their relationships with hospitals.
Lawyer whose firm defended casino in Vegas shooter’s tort case says he was ‘slovenly’ and ‘unkempt’
A Las Vegas lawyer whose firm defended a casino in a slip-and-fall case brought by Stephen Paddock says the Las Vegas mass shooter was “slovenly” and didn’t always make sense.
OJ Simpson’s lawyer uses the B-word and other vulgarity to describe Florida Attorney General Bondi

A lawyer for O.J. Simpson lashed out at Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on Monday after she opposed the former football star’s move to Florida from Nevada, where he was…

JDs from middle-ranked schools in states with many public colleges may give best investment return
Between 2010 and 2014, net tuition declined the most at middle-ranked law schools, due to merit scholarship patterns associated with maintaining or improving rankings, according to a law review article by Jerome M. Organ, which looks at variable returns on investing in a law degree.
Nevada plans to use fentanyl in upcoming execution

Nearly a year ago, Nevada death row inmate Scott Dozier asked to be executed, telling a state court judge he would forego his appeals. A doctor deemed Dozier, who was…

$100M investment helps four document technology firms combine into one

The document technology industry is heating up and undergoing consolidation.

Litéra, Microsystems, XRef and The Sackett Group will be combined into one yet-to-be named business, according to announcements Monday at…

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