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Suits target government’s decision to release reservoir water during Hurricane Harvey

Dozens of lawsuits have been filed on behalf of Houston homeowners seeking compensation as a result of a federal decision to release water from two reservoirs during Hurricane Harvey.


ABA partners to provide legal hotline for California fire victims

Fire victims in eight Northern California counties who can’t afford a lawyer can call a new hotline to receive free legal assistance.

The hotline number is 415-575-3120, according to a…

Napa ranch owned by former ABA president Stephen Zack and David Boies is destroyed in wildfires
Former ABA President Stephen N. Zack was planning to leave his Miami home with his wife last Monday to visit his second home, a 20-acre Napa, California, ranch he co-owns with his law firm partner, David Boies.
Investigators probe whether power lines sparked California fires, raising liability issues
Investigators probing the cause of Northern California fires that have killed at least 31 people will be examining whether downed power lines played a role in igniting the blaze, raising the possibility of liability and fines for Pacific Gas and Electric Company.
After Hurricane Maria, some University of Puerto Rico law students come to mainland schools
Hiram Meléndez Juarbe was one week into teaching law school classes at the University of Puerto Rico when Hurricane Irma hit, and before they could reopen, Hurricane Maria arrived.
Prisoners making a top hourly pay of $1 help fight California wildfires

About 3,800 male and female inmates in California are helping fight devastating wildfires that have killed at least 31 people in the northern part of the state.

The inmates are…

Jailed defendants await resumption of jury trials after Hurricane Harvey

Jury trials in criminal cases in Harris County, Texas, following Hurricane Harvey could resume next Monday, but logistical problems will continue to slow the system.

The delays are causing concern…

Island lawyers start to pick up the pieces in the wake of hurricanes

As someone who had lived in the U.S. Virgin Islands since he graduated from law school in 1982, Tom Bolt has experienced hurricane damage firsthand.

“In 1989 we had Hurricane…

Trump administration waives shipping law to allow more deliveries to Puerto Rico

President Donald Trump has temporarily waived a shipping law called the Jones Act that some believed to be hampering shipments of supplies to Puerto Rico after destruction caused by Hurricane…

Hurricane Maria shuts down federal courthouses; Sotomayor can’t reach some family members

Justice Sonia Sotomayor said on Thursday that she has not heard from half her family in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria struck the island.

Speaking at the Newseum, Sotomayor said…

ABA helps set up hotline for islanders needing legal assistance after hurricanes

With the infrastructure of the U.S. Virgin Islands heavily damaged by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the ABA has helped launch a mainland hotline for those needing legal assistance.

By dialing…

Texas judges reportedly get in tiff over shared bench after Hurricane Harvey

Two judges in Harris County, Texas, reportedly clashed while sharing a bench in the civil courthouse after the main criminal court was damaged in Hurricane Harvey.

Judge Jim Wallace wanted…

Legal aid hotline opens for Hurricane Irma victims

Updated: A legal aid hotline has opened for Hurricane Irma victims in Florida who can’t afford a lawyer.

The hotline number is 866-550-2929, report the Orlando Sentinel and an…

Many offices of Florida’s BigLaw firms are open again after Hurricane Irma closings

Many offices of Florida’s large law firms were reopening after Hurricane Irma swept through the state.

Cesar Alvarez, senior chairman of Greenberg Traurig, told Bloomberg Big Law Business and…

Suit claims sheriff misused emergency shelters ‘as unlawful pedestrian checkpoints’

A lawsuit filed electronically on Sunday argues that the sheriff in Polk County, Florida, violated the constitutional rights of a man seeking emergency shelter by requiring him to undergo a…

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