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14 ABA Journal Making It Work articles.

Making It Work Rashida La Lande
Rashida La Lande, global general counsel at Kraft Heinz, is mindful of the example she sets for her sons and daughters. Childhood models guided her own career choices.
Life, lemons and lemonade
The hard challenges always seem to throw me off balance and make the task of going to the office feel like an impossibility. In moments of calm, I can look ahead to challenges. The kindness of others makes difficult times bearable.
The Balance of Power: 2018 Law Day
Law Day is observed annually on May 1 and celebrates the role of law in our society. Events are held across the country on and around that date with the goal of cultivating a deeper understanding of the legal profession and its importance to our nation.
Pay it forward and prioritize
As the only child of immigrant parents from Guyana, Wanji Walcott knew from a young age that she wanted to be a lawyer. By following several principles she achieved her goals of serving as a general counsel and wife and a mother.
Practicing gratitude: Lessons from my mother
When people ask me how I make it work, I point to my mother—who did so much with so little—as my role model. As lawyers, we have it so much easier than my mom or many other women in the workplace today.

As a child in a financially disadvantaged household, our mother encouraged us to succeed in school and modeled that for us by taking college courses at night and eventually obtaining a college degree herself.
Surpassing expectations, defying labels: Life as a deaf attorney and working mother
Melissa Felder Zappala relates the challenges in work-life balance she faces as a deaf attorney and working mother.
Lessons from the past can propel your future
Prioritize and find success through your support system
Many women in this country have no other choice but to work. But all women who work should be supported, not judged.
10 ways to make time for the things that matter
Tracy Richelle High: "You make time for the things that matter. Period. What matters most on any particular day changes, and you must be flexible. Some days I devote more time to being a lawyer, and other days I devote more to my personal life."
Making It Work: Katy Mickelson

Do I really think I am giving less than 100 percent? When I really level with myself, the answer is a resounding no. Despite my attempts to convince myself that I am a girl who does not do everything to the “nth” degree (and I am fine with it), nothing could be further from the truth.

My Life of Hard-Won Achievement
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe’s Christina Guerola Sarchio: "While you can never fully escape from people’s biases and misconceptions, I found the secret to success is to identify people—and, importantly, clients—who appreciate what I bring to the table, value diversity and treat others with respect."
Stop apologizing for who you are
Vinson & Elkins partner Hilary Preston: "If your choice looks a bit different from whatever the 'norm' is at your firm or company, don’t shy away from that. Be confident in your own choices. To be successful in the long term—because it truly is a marathon and not a sprint—we have to design our careers in a way that works for our lives, not the other way around."
Finding personal time that energizes you can actually help your practice
Whether it’s finding and sticking with an exercise routine that gives you the energy you need to function, taking up a new hobby or something much more serious—such as taking care of an ill parent—I have been unapologetic about my personal commitments. This has in turn helped fuel me with the energy and a healthy perspective I have needed for my work.

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