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Embattled attorney general is embroiled in Republican battles amid uneasy relationship with Trump

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is bearing the brunt of Republican anger as he clashes with the legislative and executive branches of government.

President Donald Trump has long expressed his dismay…

Separation of powers lays foundation for judicial independence
Judicial independence is a bedrock principle of the rule of law.

For America, that principle is grounded in Article III of the Constitution, which provides for an independent judiciary, and in Marbury v. Madison (1803), which established that the judiciary has the “province and duty … to say what the law is.”
Rulings make judges legislative targets; impeachment bid in Pennsylvania
Combative lawmakers in some states are trying to punish judges for their decisions. In Pennsylvania, the rebellion includes a call for impeachment.
Judge awards graffiti artists $6.7M in suit against building owner who whitewashed their art
A federal judge in Brooklyn, New York, awarded statutory damages of $6.7 million to 21 graffiti artists in a suit that contended a building owner violated federal law when he painted over their artwork.
Give victims of workplace sexual harassment access to courts, 56 US attorneys general tell Congress

Victims of sexual harassment on the job should be allowed to evade “the impediment of arbitration requirements” in employment contracts, according to a letter signed by attorneys general of every…

Is Devin Nunes helping Trump obstruct justice? Legal experts make the argument
The Republican memo released by the House Intelligence Committee could put its chairman, Devin Nunes, in legal jeopardy if he or his staff members coordinated its drafting and release with the White House, a New York Times op-ed asserts.
Dairy company settles overtime suit that hinged on lack of Oxford comma
A dairy company in Maine has agreed to pay $5 million to its drivers after a federal appeals court last year found ambiguity in a state overtime law because it lacked an Oxford comma.
How Democrats could release their memo without Trump’s approval
President Donald Trump’s objections to the Democratic memo rebutting allegations of FBI surveillance abuse has some law professors spinning out scenarios in which the memo could be released without executive branch approval.
ABA-supported criminal justice efforts considered by Congress
Since the Second Chance Act was signed into law in 2008, more than 700 grants have provided employment training, education, housing and other support for over 137,000 former inmates transitioning back to community life after completing their sentences.
Funding will carry federal courts for 3 weeks if government shuts down; Mueller probe is unaffected

Federal courts will remain open if there is a government shutdown, though there could be some changes after the money runs out.

The judiciary will be able to continue operations…

House rejects privacy limits in voting to reauthorize new warrantless surveillance law

The U.S. House of Representatives rejected privacy limits on Thursday when it approved a six-year extension of the law that permits warrantless surveillance of foreign targets that can also sweep…

ABA urges Senate action on bipartisan sentencing reform bill

The ABA is calling for swift action by the U.S. Senate to pass a bipartisan sentencing reform bill.

The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2017 (S. 1917) was…

Vermont poised to be first to legalize marijuana through state legislature

Just hours after Attorney General Jeff Sessions ended the Obama-era policy against enforcement of federal marijuana law in states that legalized the drug, Vermont’s House of Representatives passed…

Advocates are fighting to outlaw adult marriages to minors
Virginia, Texas and New York forbid under-18 marriages, except for emancipated minors. Six more states will consider legislation soon. More than half of all states do not specify a minimum age for marriage.
Legal quirk lets struggling Florida greyhound tracks boost income with other types of gambling
Florida greyhound track owners can provide activities such as poker or slots as along as they keep running the dogs. Animal advocates and some track owners are looking to have this law scrapped.

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