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Legal services innovator moves on to app development (podcast)
It’s too easy for attorneys to be aware that something isn’t perfect in their practices and accept the situation instead of pushing back. So says longtime legal innovator Nicole Bradick.
What have previous Legal Rebels been up to? We talked to 8 of them to find out

We love featuring innovators in our annual Legal Rebels issues, but these creative legal minds don’t stop churning after they earn their titles. ABA Journal editor and publisher Molly McDonough…

Dentons hires former general counsel for General Mills who pushed law firms for diversity

Dentons has hired former General Mills general counsel Roderick “Rick” Palmore, a 2009 ABA Journal Legal Rebel who promoted diversity in the legal profession.

Palmore will serve as a…

Freelance attorney network Custom Counsel acquired by CuroLegal

Custom Counsel, a service which matches lawyers available to do contract work with law firms and legal departments that need temporary or project-based help, was recently acquired by CuroLegal,…

‘I want to push the limit,’ says ‘09 Legal Rebel

Photo of Richard Granat by Tom Salyer.



HOME: Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Simplify contracts with software, says Legal Rebel

Photo of Kingsley Martin by Wayne Slezak

Legal Rebel Kingsley Martin

Rebel Year:

Social media helps Legal Rebel grow her practice

Photo of Carolyn Elefant by Arnold Adler.

Carolyn Elefant

Rebel Year: 2010


Online legal info free for 20 Latin American countries

Photo of Tim Stanley by Tony Avelar.

Legal Rebels Update: Timothy J. Stanley

Rebel Year: 2009 (Read…

Finding ways to keep fees low is ‘09 Legal Rebel Luz Herrera’s passion

Photo of Luz Herrera by Tony Avelar.

Legal Rebel Luz Herrera

Rebel Year: 2009 (Read

‘09 Legal Rebel James Holderman Finds Ways to Engage Jurors, Increase Efficiency & Lower Costs

Judge James F. Holderman
Photo by Wayne Slezak

James F. Holderman

Rebel Year: 2009

Home: Chicago

Catching Up with ‘09 Legal Rebel Tom Goldstein

Photo of Tom Goldstein by Arnold Adler

Legal Rebel Tom Goldstein

Rebel Year: 2009