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140 ABA Journal Legal Rebels Profiles articles.

Mark Britton talks about leaving Avvo and what’s next

Mark Britton

Bruce MacEwen diagnoses and prescribes for law practice ills (podcast)

Bruce MacEwen is both a doctor and an epidemiologist in the world of BigLaw firms.

Charles Kenji Whitehead: Teaching startup law as startup products start up

Charles Kenji Whitehead

Lainey Feingold: Negotiating better access for the disabled

Lainey Feingold

Ryan Alshak: Keeping time so you don’t have to

Ryan Alshak

Joshua Browder: His ‘chat’ is not just talk

Joshua Browder

Matthew Stubenberg: Creating tech solutions to increase justice

Matthew Stubenberg

Jake Heller, Pablo Arredondo and Laura Safdie: Their AI Assistant Is Freeing Up Legal Research

Jake Heller, Pablo Arredondo and Laura Safdie

Alma Asay: Couch surfer stays on track for CEO success

Alma Asay

Haben Girma: Leading the way for people with disabilities

Haben Girma

Felicity Conrad and Kristen Sonday: Helping find pro bono that fits

Felicity Conrad and Kristen Sonday

Mindy Yocum: Making the system work for modest-means clients

Mindy Yocum

Introducing the 2017 Legal Rebels: A pattern of progress in access, efficiency and service
Call it a banner (and bandanna) Legal Rebels year: This year's 13 rebels are providing new ways to help immigrants find legal assistance; businesses comply with accessibility laws; drivers deal with parking tickets and lawyers do their time billing—painlessly.
Sarah Glassmeyer: Opening a window on closed data

Sarah Glassmeyer

Gurinder Sangha: Writing off legal troubles

Writing off legal troubles

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