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ABA removes remedial actions requirements for Ave Maria School of Law
Finding that Ave Maria School of Law is now in compliance with an accreditation standard addressing admissions, the council of the ABA’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has removed requirements of specific remedial actions.
How to best help law students? Provide full-time, on-campus counselors, among other things
Law students have many things to be anxious about—getting called on in class can be terrifying, plus the process of applying for jobs and the rejection that frequently comes with it doesn’t help. Some law students worry that they may never find jobs as lawyers.
‘Significant noncompliance’ could be added reason for public notice of law school problems
A proposal to add “significant noncompliance” to the list of when the ABA’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar may post public notice about a law school not meeting a standard—rather than keeping the matter confidential—is being considered by the group’s council, which met Feb. 9 in San Antonio.
How Democrats could release their memo without Trump’s approval
President Donald Trump’s objections to the Democratic memo rebutting allegations of FBI surveillance abuse has some law professors spinning out scenarios in which the memo could be released without executive branch approval.
Increases in law school applicant pool and those with high LSAT scores likely, professor says
It’s likely that the 2018 law school applicant pool will be the largest this year since the 2011-12 admissions cycle, and it appears that there will be a significant increase of applicants with LSAT scores of at least 165, Jerry Organ writes at TaxProf Blog.
NIU Law to charge same tuition for residents and nonresidents

Starting this fall, out-of-state students at Northern Illinois University College of Law will pay the same for tuition and fees as in-state residents, according to the school’s website.

Since the…

Does ideology influence editors’ law review picks? Study finds a correlation
Editors choosing law review articles are influenced by shared ideology with the authors, according to a working paper by three University of Chicago law professors.
Privacy law specialty certification program narrowly approved after spirited debate in ABA House

A spirited debate preceded Monday’s vote by the ABA House of Delegates to allow the accreditation of a privacy law specialty certification program.

The program was proposed by the

Would an overhaul of federal student-loan programs help bring down law school tuition?
Could reforming the federal student-loan program be a way to halt the skyrocketing cost of attending law school? At the 2018 ABA Midyear Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, the American Bar Foundation gathered a panel together to discuss the issue in “The Perennial (and Stubborn) Challenge of Cost, Affordability and Access in Legal Education: Has it Finally Hit the Fan?”
Project by LSAC, law schools association aims to boost understanding—and appeal—of law profession

The Law School Admission Council and the Association of American Law Schools are coming together on a project to improve how the public sees the prospects of a legal education…

Law schools should make students’ borrowing data public, include with admissions offers, report says
Recent law grads have on average $134,497 in law school debt if they went to a private school or $96,054 in law school debt if they went to a public school, according to a new report from Law School Transparency. But the median entry-level salary for 2016 grads in full-time, long-term law jobs was just $66,499.
Law school and university namesakes stir up controversial pasts
Controversies over names and racist histories at colleges and universities are not isolated incidents.
Law schools examine predictive value of GRE, LSAT
Under a proposal being considered by the council of the ABA’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, ABA-accredited schools could have more flexibility to consider alternate ways of testing applicants.
Cooley Law School complaint demands ‘fair and transparent’ ABA accreditation proceedings
The ABA needs more transparency when making accreditation determinations for law schools, and it illegally posted a letter to its website regarding Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School's compliance with an admissions standard, the school argues in an amended complaint filed Jan. 29.
Contempt motion filed over handling of ADA accommodations for LSAT
Almost four years after the Law School Admission Council entered a consent decree involving allegations that it flagged LSAT scores of individuals with disabilities who sought extended time accommodations, a California agency has filed a contempt motion against the LSAC.

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