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Knowledge sharing starts with trust
Ari Kaplan spoke with Hélène Russell, a U.K.-based knowledge management specialist and the founder of The Knowledge Business. She helps law firms with knowledge sharing and learning challenges through her books, training and consulting.
ABA ethics opinion offers guidance on data breaches
Lawyers have to safeguard client data and notify clients of a data breach, and the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility has issued a formal opinion that reaffirms that duty.
Could 80 percent of cases be resolved through online dispute resolution? (podcast)
Perhaps in five to seven years, as Colin Rule sees it, half of U.S. citizens who file court cases will have access to online dispute resolution software walking them step by step through their matters, resolving up to 80 percent of cases.
New game lets players train AI to spot legal issues
Got a free minute? There’s a new game that will help train an artificial intelligence model to spot legal issues and help close the access-to-justice gap.
DoNotPay app aims to help users sue anyone in small claims court—without a lawyer
Updated: A new update to an existing chatbot app promises to allow users to "sue anyone in small claims court for up to $25,000 without the help of a lawyer," though early users warn of technical bugs and legal and ethical concerns.
Voice-activated time-tracking assistant Tali wins $100K in Clio’s Launch//Code competition

Tali, a voice-based time tracker, won Clio’s inaugural Launch//Code competition, taking home the $100,000 prize.

Clio chief executive officer Jack Newton announced the winner during his closing remarks at…

Let’s trash ‘data dump’ litigation ploys

Lawyers become their own worst enemies when they abandon reasonable discovery compromise to chase the ever-elusive smoking gun. A second misconception that has to go is that only the manual review of produced documents will suffice.

Clio acquires Lexicata, launches customer relationship product Clio Grow

Clio has acquired Lexicata, a cloud-based client intake and management tool, and is launching Clio Grow, a customer relationship management feature.

The announcement was made Thursday morning by Clio CEO…

Clio Cloud Conference 2018 returns to New Orleans with a new software competition

Celebrating 10 years in business, the Clio Cloud Conference will bring lawyers and technologists to New Orleans this week.

The conference, which takes place Thursday and Friday at the…

Alternatives to email give law clients secure communication options
Security professionals have long known about issues with PGP and S/MIME encryption. Secure online portals such as MyCase, Rocket Matter and Clio and end-to-end encrypted messaging apps provide client communication alternatives.
Simplify a tedious deposition review with technology
Handling a litigation case from start to finish is no easy task. This is because litigation matters are typically complex and document-intensive. Because of this, as part of the pretrial process, attorneys face the daunting task of gaining a mastery of complicated fact patterns, obtaining and chronicling evidence, and reviewing and analyzing deposition testimony.
Is PwC building the flexible law firm of the future?

Ari Kaplan: What’s changed in the legal industry that makes the use of flexible legal resources so important?

Marc Morant: The cost pressure within these legal departments globally is very high.

Proposed legislation would eliminate PACER fees
A new bill before the U.S House of Representatives would prohibit the federal courts from charging for public documents. The Electronic Court Records Reform Act would require that documents downloaded from the PACER database be free. Currently, the repository for federal court documents charges up to 10 cents a page.
Fighting hate: Website serves more than 2,000 in first year of reporting incidents
The American Bar Association website Hate Crime Help aids anonymous victims in contacting law enforcement agencies and public and private organizations in incidents of harassment, violence and property damage resulting from acts based on religion, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, disability or sexual orientation.
Billie Tarascio: Her law firm is her lab
Billie Tarascio is experimenting on her law firm for the profession’s greater good.

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