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New criminal justice technology catalog relaunches with over 130 projects
In early August, I was in Chicago for the 2018 ABA Annual Meeting, and I had the chance to sit down with Brian Hill, the CEO of justice technology company Edovo.
Funding your legal tech initiative through an initial coin offering

Ari Kaplan: Why is Legaler funding its access to justice initiative through an initial coin offering?

Stevie Ghiassi: Fundraising has seen a significant shift to companies actually raising money directly from their communities.

Financial fraud enforcer rips crypto culture for letting compliance slide

Financial crimes enforcers are watching cryptocurrency practitioners—and they don’t like what they see.

Ernst & Young buys Riverview Law to expand its managed legal services business

Big Four accounting firm Ernst & Young has acquired Riverview Law, an alternative legal services provider based in the United Kingdom that provides fixed-fee services to in-house legal departments.


House resolutions decry over-discipline in schools, urge tech access for those with disabilities
Technological access for those with disabilities and curbing the school-to-prison pipeline were the focus of two resolutions brought by the Commission on Disability Rights before the ABA House of Delegates on Tuesday. Both were passed with overwhelming support.
At ABA JusticeHack Chicago, community policing collaboration talks through potential tech solutions

An app is unlikely to solve complex trust issues in community policing, and hackathons have their own challenges simply in turning good ideas into workable prototypes. Getting a finished tech product in the hands of wary citizens would be a tall order. But the Aug. 4 daylong JusticeHack during the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago pointed at a winning approach to this dilemma.

BigLaw firms are working together to influence how blockchain technology will operate in the future

The cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry is already crowded with firms eager to nab high-tech startups as clients or help legacy clients navigate a brave new world.

What is the FCC going to do about millions of bot comments during the net neutrality repeal debate?
LegalZoom announces $500M secondary investment
LegalZoom, the legal services giant, has landed a $500 million secondary investment led by Francisco Partners and GPI Capital, according to a press release issued Tuesday.
Law firms, tech companies partner to build new blockchain-based platform for smart contracts
A group of law firms and tech companies have teamed up to develop the Agreements Network, a platform that will aid in the creation, use and sale of smart contracts for lawyers.
Calif. bar task force to consider regulatory changes on nonlawyer ownership of legal services firms
The State Bar of California has established a task force to consider changes to ethics rules that currently limit emerging legal technologies and forbid nonlawyers from owning legal service companies.
Finding treasure with litigation data analytics software
There is a treasure trove of litigation data that for years was virtually inaccessible. While court rulings and filings were available and individual documents could be accessed and viewed, the technology needed to search and analyze the data and provide useful, actionable information simply did not exist.
The small country making a big impact on blockchain adoption

Ian Gauci tells Ari Kaplan: “We are a small nation without any particular resources, save for the sun and the sea. Other than that, we have human capital, so we always try to create niches to prosper.”

Digital age reinforces the need for judiciary to act as a bulwark against tyranny
If a judge upholds a bad policy in the course of deciding a discrete case, should that decision be condemned? If a judge applies a good policy in deciding an issue, should the result be lauded? What duty must citizens perform in each instance? A single right and profound response exists to all three questions.
EU punishes Google with record $5.1B antitrust fine for deals requiring preinstalled apps, services

The European Union has fined Google $5.1 billion for using its market dominance to encourage device makers to preinstall its apps and services on Android phones and tablets.

The antitrust…

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