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Florida lawyer who uses ‘Ever Argued With a Woman?’ slogan sues law firm for alleged infringement

Bartow, Florida, lawyer Melissa Wilson uses the slogan “Ever Argued With a Woman?” and she is not afraid to argue about it.

In a federal suit filed Tuesday, Wilson…

Avvo will improve lawyer-rating transparency, pay $50K fine in agreement with New York AG

Avvo has reached an agreement with the New York Attorney General’s Office to increase the transparency of the online legal directory’s lawyer-rating system.

The changes include consumer disclosures about how…

James Beckett: Scoring legal work
In his former job as chief business development officer at Frost Brown Todd in Louisville, Kentucky, James Beckett was hungry to learn how his firm could do better.
Jae Um: A ‘Star Wars’ shortcut
In the first-released Star Wars installment, Han Solo brags that he can captain the Millennium Falcon through a smuggling route in just under 12 parsecs—a parsec being a truly astronomical measurement of 3.26 light-years. The route itself is 18 parsecs, illustrating that Solo is a brassy pilot willing to fly closer to black holes and cut the route by a third.
BigLaw firms’ competition from the Big Four accounting firms
The Big Four accounting firms have added legal services, moving beyond tax law and integrating their legal services into a multidisciplinary approach.
Law firm seeks to seize rival’s URL; suit alleges ‘hijacked’ website traffic and content

A lawsuit filed by an Aurora, Illinois, law firm claims a suburban Chicago rival increased its profits by $2 million over a two-year period by duplicating website content and confusing…

Do proposed ad and referral changes go too far, or not far enough?
At the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago, the House of Delegates will likely consider changes to Rule 7 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which covers how lawyers can discuss their services, advertise and solicit new clients.
Lawyers for Velcro use music video to offer thanks for angry feedback on trademark plea

Those aren’t lawyers on Velcro Companies’ new music video thanking the public for its angry feedback. They are actors playing lawyers.


Illinois disciplinary agency seeks comment on letting lawyers use for-profit referral services
Update: An Illinois Supreme Court administrative agency is taking comments on the concept that lawyers be allowed to participate in for-profit referral services.

The Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission survey cites a state appeals-court finding that fee sharing with a local bar association was a "positive force" in improving access to justice.
US News releases lawyer directory, with plans for optional client reviews
U.S. News & World Report is partnering with Best Lawyers to release an online legal directory of lawyers working in private practice in the United States.
Law firms hire company to send ads to ER patients’ cellphones; is it a HIPAA violation?
Some personal injury law firms plan to use a technology called “geofencing” to send ads to cellphones of patients in emergency rooms, pain clinics and chiropractor offices.
Morgan & Morgan apparently settles suit alleging its ads are misleading

A lawsuit alleging Morgan & Morgan was running misleading ads has apparently settled.

U.S. District Judge Mark Kearney of Philadelphia issued an order last Friday that dismissed the case based…

Kentucky Derby is a win for Frost Brown Todd and its chairman emeritus

Frost Brown Todd—the largest law firm in Louisville, Kentucky—entertained clients during a week of Kentucky Derby events, while its chairman emeritus had an even bigger stake in the Run for…

Mass shooting survivors allege law firm manager wanted their help to recruit others
Survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting who hired a Philadelphia-based law firm to represent them are criticizing recruiting tactics by the firm and its office manager.
Specialists show lawyers how to advertise effectively on social media
Businesses have been paying for outside social media help for years, but attorneys are just starting to supplement their social media needs—and it appears to be paying off.

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