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2024 ABA Journal Law Students articles.

Gender equity has come a long way, Justice Ginsburg tells Columbia Law students

Speaking Friday at a Columbia Law School event honoring her 25th year on the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told the audience that at one point, she was…

Group of Harvard Law students call for school to remove Kavanaugh as an instructor
Four students at Harvard Law School, where U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a lecturer, have written an opinion piece calling for the school administration to remove him as an instructor "unless a full and fair investigation is conducted."
How to be—sort of—happy in law school (podcast)
Law school can be a lonely, stressful time, and it’s easy to feel like you're failing to fit the model of the perfect law student. But there’s no one right way to go to law school, says sociology professor Kathryne M. Young, author of How to Be Sort of Happy in Law School; you can craft your own experience.
Harvard’s racial diversity is worth investing in—and defending

As sometimes the only African-American student in my otherwise all-white classrooms at Harvard College, chatting in the dining hall surrounded by peers and friends, I have learned this: For a…

Exploring the contours of context in using the N-word in class

While this may serve a pedagogical purpose for non-African-American students, it can create an abusive and degrading learning environment for African-American students, whose very reaction to the word is used as a teaching point.

Halting the hover: Dealing with helicopter parents in law school (podcast)
As an associate dean of the University of Houston Law Center, Sondra Tennessee has witnessed her share of helicopter parents. She’s seen parents ask law schools to switch their child’s professor, because they didn’t think he or she was a good fit.

An open letter to potential law students: Know the truth
With the recent news that some BigLaw starting salaries are rising to $190,000, it’s no wonder that law school continues to be a top destination for recent college graduates. However, the truth behind those starting salaries—and given the volatility of the legal job market and the effects of globalization and technology on the business of law—should give one pause before taking out $200,000 in school loans.
While number of lawyer jobs have been decreasing, law school applications are up more than 8%
Law school applications have increased by more than 8 percent, and some schools are reportedly concerned about over over-enrollment.

“Because the demand was so strong, some schools are finding that they may have had higher yield rates than they had in prior years, and they may have larger classes than they aimed for,” Kellye Testy, president of the Law School Admissions Counsel, told She advises matching enrollment with employment opportunities for new lawyers.
Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh got mostly glowing evaluations from his law students
Law students who evaluated Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s classes gave mostly glowing evaluations to the future U.S. Supreme Court nominee.

One student at Georgetown was so impressed that the 2007 evaluation read: “I honestly believe I took a class that was instructed by a future Supreme Court justice." Others rated Kavanaugh as their best professor ever. Students said he was accessible outside of class, evenhanded, fair-minded, well-versed in the materials and smart. One noted his “great hair!”
Can law students improve contracts drafted by accomplished lawyers?

I had had great teachers of contracts, but they emphasized theory, not practice. I resolved to prepare law students to tackle the costly, time-consuming problems of contract ambiguities. Many years of practice allowed me to make good on this resolution.

ADA lawsuit about Florida bar examiners’ mental health requirements allowed to proceed

A federal judge in Florida has allowed a suit by a law student to go forward against the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, alleging that the board violates the Americans with Disabilities Act by requiring candidates with mental health conditions to undergo and pay for invasive procedures.

Recovering former convict defies odds, ends ‘long and hard journey’ after being sworn in as a lawyer

A 2017 law school graduate and advocate for the recently incarcerated—who also has a felony record and has been in recovery for more than six years—was sworn in as a…

The ‘think like a lawyer’ approach to law school is outdated
I have been writing about change within the legal industry for a few years, but have held off commenting directly on the law school and bar experience for a couple of reasons.
Magna cum laude law grad, 7 years sober, led a charge for students’ well-being
At Marquette University Law School's orientation for new students, Michael Anspach heard about “bar review,” a weekly event that involved meeting at bars for drinks, and he expressed interest in starting a sober club on campus.
Arizona Summit sues ABA, 3rd for-profit InfiLaw school to do so
On Thursday, Arizona Summit Law School was the third InfiLaw school to sue the American Bar Association in a month, arguing that due process rights were violated before and after the 2017 decision to put the for-profit school on probation.

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