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Tech training helps lawyers meet client expectations
Tech training helps lawyers get up to speed to meet client expectations.
Thomson Reuters announces Westlaw Edge, increasing role of AI and analytics
Thursday, Thomson Reuters launched Westlaw Edge, an updated, artificial intelligence-assisted legal research platform.

The updates include new warnings for invalid or questionable law, litigation analytics, a tool to analyze statutory changes and an improved AI-enhanced search called WestSearch Plus.
Is there a place other than your office or home where you go to get work done?

Do you sometimes get cabin fever—and very little work done—at your workplace desk or home office?

Avvo’s fixed-cost service to be discontinued by Internet Brands
Avvo Legal Services will be discontinued by the end of the month. In a letter to the North Carolina State Bar, B. Lynn Walsh, general counsel of Internet Brands, stated: “As a part of our acquisition of Avvo, we have evaluated the Avvo product offerings, and adjusted the Avvo product roadmap to align more comprehensively with our business and focus. Accordingly, we have decided to discontinue Avvo Legal Services.”
South Carolina requires insurers to have plans safeguarding customer data
Less than a year from now, insurers doing business in South Carolina will be required to have a “comprehensive information security program” that protects consumer data.
Facebook buys AI startup in Allen & Overy’s incubator
Facebook will acquire Bloomsbury AI, a startup in Allen & Overy’s Fuse incubator.
Clemency project recipient gets a smartphone—and hope
James Ledford got his first smartphone in June. It has a bit of a learning curve.
Prepare for and plan against a cyberattack
Attorneys are subject to frequent cybercrime attacks, email accounts are breached, and we are solicited to move money for cybercriminals. Helpful frameworks for information security professionals can guide your incident response planning.
Going green: Law firms see business benefits of B Corp certification
Attorneys like Allen Bromberger are making sustainable efforts to draw clients who embrace a greener lifestyle. B Corp certification documents a firm's actions in job creation, corporate responsibility, effect on the community and impact on stakeholders.
Do as I say: Good news for lawyers who hate transcribing by hand
There's a growing list of automatic transcription tools on the market.
Do proposed ad and referral changes go too far, or not far enough?
At the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago, the House of Delegates will likely consider changes to Rule 7 of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which covers how lawyers can discuss their services, advertise and solicit new clients.
This city may have the first criminal justice system to be led entirely by black women
The city of South Fulton, Georgia, has a municipal court system that is led entirely by black women, but it wasn’t part of any kind of master plan, according to Chief Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers.
More women are attaining law firm partnerships: Is the Me Too movement providing a boost?
Women are being promoted to law firm partnerships at a faster pace since sexual misconduct allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein helped spur the Me Too movement.
Some choices for legal billing software that really pay off
Efficient and accurate legal billing is essential for law firms. After all, if you don’t invoice your clients, you won’t get paid. That’s why, according to the American Bar Association’s 2017 Legal Technology Survey Report, legal billing software is used by the majority of law firms: 81 percent of respondents reported that their firms made time and billing software available, and 70 percent made electronic billing software available for use.
Reed Smith confirms it won’t raise associate salaries

One large law firm is holding the line as more law firms match new associate pay scales that, according to the new Cravath standard, range from $190,000 to $340,000.


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