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Who is your legal icon?

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has ascended to pop culture prominence, as shown on the October cover of the ABA Journal. Ginsburg’s trailblazing career has drawn a wide range of admirers beyond those who hope for her Supreme Court intercession.

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ takes a somewhat realistic look at law school and legal employment

In How to Get Away with Murder, students vie to take a trial skills class with Annalise Keating, a successful criminal defense attorney. This is spot on: My favorite courses were taught by adjuncts who have actually practiced law.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become an unlikely pop culture icon
Ruth Bader Ginsburg has built a career overcoming the odds. That she has crossed over into the mainstream says a lot about where this country is today, as well as what kind of heroes people are looking for.
Police release podcast to find a fugitive, but legal concerns abound
To find a fugitive murder suspect, the police department in Newport Beach, California, is trying something new: They've released a podcast.
Netflix’s new series ‘First and Last’ accurately details many aspects of county jail life

Viewers have to remember that Gwinnett County Jail is just that: a county jail. That means almost all the inmates are coming in off the streets. Don’t get this confused with a prison. You can think of county jail as a kind of lockup purgatory.

What principle links great baseball and great lawyering? Stoicism

A lawyer once told me he’d been practicing law for 40 years, but he never lost a case. He did, however, “come in second many times.” Like a batter, a lawyer must make decisions. The challenge for a lawyer is to make the right decision more often than not.

‘The Stanford Prison Experiment’ reminds us that fear of incarceration is justified

As a criminal defense attorney, I have spent quite a bit of time in jails, prisons, and holding facilities. To say it’s a different environment than the outside is to undersell the impact being incarcerated against one’s will has on the human psyche.

‘Springsteen on Broadway’ gives lawyers 3 storytelling lessons
Bruce Springsteen pares his 500-page autobiography and more than 50 years of songs into three acts with a clear narrative arc.
Some posthumous wisdom on writing from Robert Louis Stevenson
The novelist's posthumous 1920 essay collection, Learning to Write, inspires an interrogatory with the ABA Journal's legal writing advocate.
CBS series might not satisfy ‘true crime’ cravers, but still shows risks taken by whistleblowers
Fear of retaliation is a powerful incentive to remain silent when workers witness their employers engage in unlawful or unethical activities. It’s easy for others to judge employees who refuse to come forward, but blowing the whistle on an employer frequently comes at a high price, including termination and other forms of retaliation.
RBG action figure to ship this fall thanks to Kickstarter campaign

Updated: A company that hoped to raise $15,000 to make a Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figure instead raked in $613,700.

The RBG action figure is expected to ship in…

Ex-military codebreaker: Hijacker DB Cooper revealed his real identity in hidden messages

The parachuting hijacker who may have escaped with $200,000 ransom in 1971 isn’t really D.B. Cooper, according to a team who obtained his letters to newspapers through the Freedom of…

Story about overworked public defender is winner of ABA Journal/Ross Writing Contest

A federal law clerk in Wilmington, North Carolina, has won the 2018 ABA Journal/Ross Writing Contest for Legal Short Fiction for her story about an overworked federal public defender who…

Brooklyn lawyer Marvel comics

A young corporate lawyer sits at his computer, putting the finishing touches on an email.


He hits send.


His first comic book manuscript is off to…

Contemporary legal films shift away from lawyers as righteous heroes
Hollywood, for instance, has always had a crush on crusading lawyers. But tropes that once dominated legal dramas have given way to an entirely new twist on the genre. Cinema has developed a newfound cynicism about the once-righteous trial attorney. Nowadays, perhaps consistent with our diminished faith in public institutions, the legal system and its practitioners, as depicted in movies, have been found wanting and guilty

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