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Fear you are talking too much to a jury? Then WAIT
When addressing a jury, lawyers can often be suckered into getting carried away with the sound of their own voices. Talking for the sake of talking. Continuing to be the center of attention because you're under the impression the jury cares what you have to say or will be more likely to find in your client's favor the longer you talk to them.
Jurors in Paul Manafort trial ask for new definition of reasonable doubt

Judge T.S. Ellis III told jurors that reasonable doubt is a doubt based on reason, and the government is not required to prove guilt beyond “all possible doubt.”

Supreme Court declines to hear death row inmate’s ‘gay bias’ case
On June 18, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear arguments in the case of Charles Rhines, a South Dakota prisoner who claims he was sentenced to death in part because he is gay. Rhines was convicted in 1993 of fatally stabbing 22-year-old Donnivan Schaeffer during a robbery in Rapid City.
He pocketed his victims’ organs — was his death penalty trial fair?

Warning: This story contains graphic content that could be disturbing to some readers.

It’s been 13 years since a floridly psychotic black man named Andre Thomas was sentenced to die.…

Does Stanley have a mustache? ‘The Office’ illustrates issues with cross-racial identification

As I’ve been writing this column on law and pop culture over the past year or so, I’ve started to realize that…

Any prior police contact? New state rule deems that a presumptively invalid reason for juror strike

Washington has become the first state to adopt a rule that expands the ban on race-based peremptory challenges during jury selection.

The new rule, known as General Rule 37,…

Punk rock drummer-turned-doctor performs CPR on potential juror in his med-mal trial

A California judge declared a mistrial in a medical malpractice case last week after the doctor defendant—and former drummer for The Offsrping—performed CPR on a potential juror.

Gynecological oncologist James…

Juror faints after watching graphic video of lawyer accused of trading sex for legal services

Jurors considering the fate of a former Texas lawyer accused of trading sex with clients for legal services were so taken aback by a video of one rough sexual encounter…

Jury service had unexpected benefit for these 2 people

Kris Gerig and Sarah Abbott first met when they served on a New Orleans jury in August 2015 for a theft case.

They were back in court on March 14…

Juror tells judge he didn’t want to convict Martin Shkreli’s BigLaw lawyer

Jury deliberations in the trial of former BigLaw lawyer Evan Greebel were “a complete mess,” according to a juror affidavit.

The jury was unanimous when it convicted Greebel on…

Want a satisfying experience as a juror? It’s all about the food
What happens in the jury room brings people together with the conviction that justice have been served. A firsthand look at the process reveals a secret ingredient.
Sleeping jurors dismissed in two recent federal trials; are attention spans shorter?
A juror who acknowledged during jury selection that he liked to sleep in his spare time was one of two jurors dismissed from federal trials in recent weeks because they were snoozing during testimony.
Obama doesn’t make it onto a jury but is a big hit at the courthouse

Former President Barack Obama was dismissed from jury duty on Wednesday when he was selected for a jury panel that wasn’t needed for a trial.

While lawyers at Chicago’s Daley…

Software provides real-time predictions on how potential jurors might vote

Voltaire’s software can search through billions of data points, including public records and social media posts, and pull up all kinds of information on prospective jurors. The software, powered by IBM Watson, also uses deep psycholinguistic and behavioral analysis to discover the biases and views of prospective jurors.

Obama is called for jury duty

Former President Barack Obama has been called for jury duty, and he reportedly plans to show up.

Obama was called for jury duty in Cook County, which includes the city…

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