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Retired judge who told teen he would die in prison urges SCOTUS to review and reverse her sentence
A retired Missouri judge says she “deeply regrets” sentencing a youth to 241 years in prison for his role in two armed robberies committed at age 16, and she hopes her decision will be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.
Stop treating Ruth Bader Ginsburg like a judicial rock star, op-ed says
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been described as a judicial rock star. Her face appears on T-shirts bearing the “Notorious RBG” nickname. Her exercise routine is the subject of a book. Her appearances draw large crowds.
5th Circuit says cash bail system in Texas county is unconstitutional

A federal appeals court has ruled that the cash bail system in Harris County, Texas, violates the due-process and equal-protection rights of poor defendants.

The New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit…

Are Gorsuch’s provocative opinions slowing the court down?
The U.S. Supreme Court has released only four signed opinions so far this term, a slow pace that could be partly due to Justice Neil M. Gorsuch’s provocative opinions.
Separation of powers lays foundation for judicial independence
Judicial independence is a bedrock principle of the rule of law.

For America, that principle is grounded in Article III of the Constitution, which provides for an independent judiciary, and in Marbury v. Madison (1803), which established that the judiciary has the “province and duty … to say what the law is.”
Rulings make judges legislative targets; impeachment bid in Pennsylvania
Combative lawmakers in some states are trying to punish judges for their decisions. In Pennsylvania, the rebellion includes a call for impeachment.
Trump nominates 9 to federal court vacancies

Updated: Nine more nominees for federal judgeships were announced Tuesday by the White House.

The newest wave of nominees are:

• Mark Bennett, former attorney general of Hawaii, to…

Woman pleads guilty to using judicial ruse to steal $116K from state supreme court

A Louisiana woman received a suspended sentence on Monday after pleading guilty to stealing $116,000 from the state supreme court while working as a payroll supervisor.

Misty Corb, 38, of…

Nunes has considered asking Chief Justice Roberts to testify in FISA warrant controversy
The chair of the House committee that produced a GOP memo alleging surveillance abuse told a radio interviewer that he had considered asking Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. to testify.
Habitual drug user takes federal judge’s hint and gets sterilized before sentencing
A habitual drug user who pleaded guilty to using a counterfeit check took a federal judge’s hint and underwent a sterilization procedure before her sentencing.
Unhappy with 53 law firms participating in case, judge appoints special master to review legal bills

A federal judge in California last week criticized two lawyers for bringing an additional 49 law firms into a data-breach case, raising to 53 the total number of firms representing…

Judge charged with bribery after criminal defense lawyer participates in federal sting operation

A judge in Edinburg, Texas, has been charged with bribery in a federal sting operation aided by a local criminal defense attorney.

Judge Rodolfo “Rudy” Delgado, 64, was accused of…

Judicial body drops Kozinski probe because of his retirement

Former Judge Alex Kozinski won’t be investigated because of his retirement late last year from the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, according to an order…

Ethics complaint says Ohio justice should have recused himself, cites ‘basic human nature’

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Patrick DeWine is facing an ethics complaint that claims he created the appearance of impropriety by hearing cases involving the state attorney general’s office, which is…

ICE formalizes policy allowing courthouse arrests of targeted immigrants
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has formalized its policy authorizing courthouse arrests in specific circumstances of immigrants who are subject to deportation.

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