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Federal judge requires Quinn Emanuel to prove claim about dropped witness

A federal judge in California told Quinn Emanuel lawyers on Thursday that she wanted proof of their claim about a dropped witness who had been scheduled to testify for Samsung…

Judge who blocked ads targeting Arkansas justice recuses, along with every other judge in his county

A special judge is being sought to hear a suit filed by Arkansas Justice Courtney Goodson and her re-election campaign after every judge in Washington County recused from the case.

Posner brief accuses judge of laziness for copy-and-paste order

Former appeals judge Richard Posner is criticizing a judge who copied and pasted from a government motion in an order that dismissed a pro se litigant’s First Amendment complaint.


Judge orders broadcasters to stop airing ads targeting Arkansas justice
Updated: An Arkansas judge has ordered several television broadcasters to stop airing ads targeting a state supreme court justice that are funded by the conservative group Judicial Crisis Network.
Democratic report criticizes ‘breakneck pace’ of judicial confirmations, lack of diversity

President Donald Trump’s nominees to the federal courts are being quickly approved despite a lack of diversity, according to a report by Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Any Supreme Court justices considering retirement should not delay, Grassley says

U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has a message for any Supreme Court justices considering retirement—don’t wait.

“I just hope that if there is going…

9th Circuit nominee apologizes for ‘overheated’ rhetoric of articles he wrote for Stanford newspaper

A nominee to the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals apologized during his confirmation hearing Wednesday for his tone in opinion articles that criticized “race-think” and sensitivity training…

How can we fight to reduce bias? 6th Circuit judge shares her thoughts (podcast)
Studies have shown that implicit bias is something that affects everyone to some degree. So what steps can legal professionals at all ranks take to make the justice system fairer and more equitable?

In this episode of the Modern Law Library, the ABA Journal’s Lee Rawles speaks with Judge Bernice Donald of the Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and professor Sarah E. Redfield of the University of New Hampshire School of Law about Enhancing Justice: Reducing Bias, a book published by the ABA.
Judges and the administrative state
The term “administrative state,” or the more pejorative term “deep state” are trending concepts that conjure up images of conspiracies and government bureaucrats run amok.
Former Kentucky judge gets 20-year sentence for human trafficking

A former Kentucky judge has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges related to human trafficking.

Timothy Nolan was sentenced on Friday, report the

Appeals court criticizes ‘judicially created parental alienation’ in case of baby with broken ribs
A state appeals court has accused a Pennsylvania judge of “judicially created parental alienation” and a failure to provide due process when she kept a baby in “protracted foster care” after receiving no explanation for broken ribs and then terminated parental rights.
Federal judge knocks ‘faux drama in briefing’ with link to Tom Hanks GIF
A federal judge in Birmingham, Alabama, used a GIF to express his displeasure with “faux drama in briefing” in a dispute over a motion to exceed page limits.

In a May 1 order, U.S. District Judge R. David Proctor linked to an animated GIF of a skeptical-looking Tom Hanks with the caption, “Really?” Above the Law and Law360 have coverage.
Murder conviction of Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel is tossed because of ineffective assistance

The Connecticut Supreme Court on Friday overturned the 2002 murder conviction of Michael Skakel, the nephew of Robert F. Kennedy’s widow, Ethel Kennedy.

The court ruled 4-3 that Skakel is…

Judge who sued neighbor over urinating cat got case records sealed; law prof seeks access
A judge in Washington state who sought a restraining order against his neighbor’s urinating cat was able to get court records sealed in the case.
Former judge with too-perfect performance reviews admits faking anxiety to get pension
A former New Hampshire judge who blamed his faked performance reviews on panic attacks compounded the problem when he cited mental health issues to receive a disability pension.

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