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Verizon worker told customer to hire ‘big shot lawyer’ over nude photo migration, suit says

A man has filed a $4 million lawsuit against Verizon Wireless that claims his fiancée’s nude photos inexplicably ended up on the phone of another person.

Plaintiff Jeff Smith of…

Suit claims Facebook had duty to warn of disturbing posts by man who posted fatal shooting video

A lawsuit filed last Friday contends Facebook’s data mining creates a special relationship with its users that includes a duty to warn of disturbing posts that threaten violence.


Federal judge wants nearly 6,000 potentially fraudulent claims in app settlement to be investigated

A federal judge in San Francisco has asked prosecutors to investigate nearly 6,000 potentially fraudulent claims in a $5.3 million class action settlement.

U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar acted…

Google app feature matching selfies to art is blocked in 2 states with strict biometrics laws

A new and popular feature on the Google Arts & Culture app isn’t available in Illinois and Texas because of strict laws on the collection of “face geometry” and other…

22 attorneys general file petition to block FCC decision repealing net neutrality

Twenty-one states and the District of Columbia have taken the first step in a bid to block the repeal of net neutrality rules.

The 22 jurisdictions filed a petition…

The top 10 legal tech stories of 2017
What were the year's most important legal tech stories? Read ABA Journal legal affairs writer Jason Tashea's takes on how cybercrime to self-tracking devices to tweets had an impact on the law in 2017.
Age-bias suit targets Facebook job ads displayed to younger people

A would-be class action lawsuit claims Amazon, T-Mobile and other major employers are violating federal age-bias law by placing ads on Facebook that are displayed only to younger people.


Drugmaker claims #killinnazis Instagram posts are part of lawyers’ ‘xenophobic’ strategy

Lawyers seeking to overturn a $27.8 million verdict against the makers of the blood thinner Xarelto contend that nine Instagram posts using the hashtag #killinnazis are part of a strategy…

FCC repeals net neutrality rules; at least 2 state AGs plan to challenge
At least two state attorneys general announced they will join a multistate lawsuit challenging Thursday's decision by the Federal Communications Commission to repeal net neutrality rules requiring internet providers to provide equal access to apps and websites.
Trump’s tweets were too vague and subjective to be defamatory, appeals court says
An appeals court in New York has affirmed dismissal of a lawsuit that claimed Donald Trump defamed a guest television commentator in his tweets during the presidential campaign.
Federal prosecutors drop charges against man accused of causing a journalist’s seizure with a tweet

Federal prosecutors have dropped cyberstalking charges against a Maryland man accused of causing a journalist’s seizure by sending him a tweet with an animated flashing strobe light.

A federal magistrate…

Vegas lawyer is suspended partly for Facebook comments accusing judge of religious bias
The Nevada Supreme Court has suspended a Las Vegas lawyer for six months partly because he accused a judge of religious discrimination on Facebook.
Justice Department reportedly considers charging Russian officials in DNC hacking
The U.S. Justice Department reportedly has evidence against six members of the Russian government allegedly involved in the computer hack of the Democratic National Committee.
Justice Department limits use of secrecy orders when accessing digital data

Microsoft is taking steps to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the government’s routine use of secrecy orders when accessing digital data after the Department of Justice agreed to change its practices.

Federal law doesn’t prevent release of dead man’s email to estate representatives, court rules

Federal law doesn’t prevent Yahoo from releasing a dead man’s emails to the personal representatives of his estate, according to the top court in Massachusetts.

The Stored Communications Act doesn’t…

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