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‘Right to be forgotten’ can apply to criminals: UK high court rules against Google
The “right to be forgotten” notched a win in the High Court of England and Wales, requiring Google to delist references to a businessman’s criminal history.
World Justice Project compiles 2016 Rule of Law Index
The United States comes in at No. 18 in the overall global rankings, just behind the Czech Republic and just ahead of the Republic of Korea. At the top of the global rankings is Denmark, followed by Norway, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands.
The Outer Space Treaty turns 50. Can it survive a new space race?
The treaty is a product of the Cold War and primarily addresses concerns of that era, including nuclear war. So for 50 years, the treaty has prevented belligerent nations from putting weapons of mass destruction into space. But space is becoming big business, and commercial interests are putting new pressures on the law of outer space.
5 United Nations treaties in outer space
There are five international treaties that deal with issues such as arms control, freedom of exploration, liability for damage caused by space objects, exploitation of natural resources in outer space, and more.
ABA decries latest violent attack aimed at Syrian judicial system

ABA President Linda A. Klein condemned suicide bombings in the capital of Syria, one of which occurred at the main courthouse, in a statement on Monday.

“We send our…

Erasing the News: Should some stories be forgotten?
The media and lawyers wrestle with the question: Should some stories be forgotten? An uptick in requests has followed EU support for removing access to online info.
International human rights tribunal discusses low asylum grant rates in US immigration court

The Organization of American States heard complaints this month about widely varying rates of granting asylum at different U.S. immigration courts.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, part of OAS,…

Trans-Pacific Partnership raises question: How should governments and corporations resolve disputes?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership appears to be a long way from going into force, but as a political issue, it clearly has arrived.

Northern Ireland judge rejects legal challenges to Brexit

A judge in Northern Ireland has turned aside two of the first legal challenges to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

According to The Guardian, Justice Paul Maguire,…

Artificial intelligence predicted case outcomes with 79% accuracy by analyzing fact portrayal

Researchers were able to predict the results of human rights cases with 79 percent accuracy by using artificial intelligence to analyze the factual sections of published human rights judgments.


UK law firms scramble to provide answers for Brexit questions

The uncertainty surrounding life and laws in the United Kingdom following the vote to leave the European Union has left law firms scrambling, and at the moment there are more…

New suits filed over sperm donor who claimed to be a neuroscientist, but wasn’t

At least two new lawsuits have filed against a Georgia-based sperm bank by families who thought they were using a sperm donor who was a neuroscientist and later found out…

Court awards over $500K in wrongful dismissal case to rogue trader who cost bank nearly $7B

A rogue trader who cost the French bank that employed him some $7 billion has been awarded over $500,000 in a wrongful dismissal case.

A French labor court said Société…

8 years after landmark international manhunt, ex-teacher gets time for Cambodia child-sex crimes

More than eight years after an international manhunt for a “swirl face” pedophile made headlines due to innovative use of technology and the internet, the criminal justice system is still…

A new dawn for Cuba as it opens for business
The 90-mile corridor between Key West and the north coast of Cuba is far wider, deeper and considerably more dangerous when you factor in everything that's happened between the two…

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