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California plans appeal after judge overturns assisted-suicide law
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Wednesday his office will seek expedited review of a decision overturning the state’s physician-assisted suicide law.
General counsel at Novartis to retire after acknowledging payments to Cohen were an ‘error’

The group general counsel at the pharmaceutical company Novartis, Felix Ehrat, has announced his retirement after acknowledging that the agreement to pay lawyer Michael Cohen $1.2 million for consulting…

Law firms and doctors aided fraudulent claimants in $1B concussion settlement, NFL alleges
The NFL claims in a motion filed Friday that a special investigator should be appointed to stop the “widespread fraud” in claims filed under the $1 billion concussion settlement.
Jury awards $117M in case alleging talcum powder caused mesothelioma

Jurors in New Jersey have awarded $117 million in a lawsuit that claimed Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder products caused an investment banker’s mesothelioma.

Jurors apportioned 70 percent of the…

Roe v. Wade had broader impact than the public realizes, says author of ‘Beyond Abortion’ (podcast)
In the 45 years since Roe v. Wade was decided, it has been a focal point for both anti-abortion and pro-abortion rights groups. But the opinion in the 1973 case has also been used by activists of liberal, libertarian and conservative ideologies to develop privacy arguments for issues ranging from access to experimental drugs to euthanasia to personal data security to sex worker rights.
Coffee must carry cancer warning, California judge rules in tentative decision

A California judge has tentatively ruled that coffee sold in the state must carry a cancer warning label.

Judge Elihu Berle based his decision on a state law that requires…

Federal judge considers $1M in fines for prison medical provider’s ‘intractable failures’

In late December, federal Magistrate Judge David Duncan waved an iPad in front of his Phoenix courtroom, enraged. He had just read a local news article suggesting that the Arizona…

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and the ethics of prisoner organ donations
Thank God for the ability to binge-watch. Streaming media has put us all in a perfect posture for plowing through episode after episode of our favorite shows. This is all fine and well when it’s one of your favorite shows, or perhaps a series you share with a friend or loved one. It’s another situation completely when your significant other gets the binge-bug for one of their favorites.
Custody case will determine whether transgender teen can get hormone therapy

An Ohio judge is considering whether to award full custody of a transgender teen to his grandparents so he can pursue hormone therapy that is opposed by his parents.


Model wrongly thought to be HIV-positive through use of stock photo was defamed, appeals court says

A model falsely identified as HIV-positive when her stock photo was used in an educational ad campaign met the standard for proving defamation per se, a New York appeals court…

Health-care workers with moral or religious objections have support of new HHS division

The Department of Health and Human Services has a new division to help protect health-care workers with moral or religious objections to providing certain types of care.

The agency’s website…

Jurors reject claim that asbestos in talcum powder caused mesothelioma

Jurors in Pasadena, California, have found no liability in a lawsuit by a woman who said that she contracted mesothelioma by inhaling asbestos in baby powder.

Jurors on Thursday ruled…

Judge approves medical marijuana for probationer who pleaded guilty in gang slaying
A Florida probationer with schizophrenia will be able to use medical marijuana as a result of a Miami-Dade judge’s ruling this month.
Judge is ‘appalled’ and ‘embarrassed’ by government’s whistleblower case against ManorCare
Updated: A federal magistrate judge says the government’s whistleblower case against HCR ManorCare Inc. is a “huge waste of money” that rests on testimony from an expert witness with an “utter lack of credibility.”
Opioid commission calls for expanding drug courts into every federal jurisdiction

President Donald Trump’s opioid commission would like to see drug courts in every federal jurisdiction.

The proposal is among 56 recommendations by the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and…

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