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White House counsel has central role in controversies as he seeks to ‘mollify and protect’ Trump

White House counsel Don McGahn is again at the center of controversy amid revelations that he was told of domestic abuse allegations against Rob Porter, even as the now-former…

Trump praises Gorsuch and highlights judicial picks in his State of the Union speech
President Donald Trump acknowledged Justice Neil M. Gorsuch as he touted his judicial picks in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday.
Justice Department threatens subpoenas in showdown with sanctuary cities and states
The U.S. Justice Department on Wednesday demanded documents from 23 sanctuary jurisdictions and threatened subpoenas if they fail to comply.
Supreme Court accepts case on endangered frog that tests reach of federal law
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to consider a case involving an endangered frog and regulations affecting private property.
Judge blocks DACA rescission; White House calls decision ‘outrageous’
A federal judge in San Francisco has issued a nationwide injunction that temporarily blocks the phase-out of a program protecting immigrants brought to the country illegally as minors.
The top 10 legal news stories of 2017
It’s hard to imagine a year more packed with major legal news than 2017, much of it generated by President Donald Trump's administration. We may never get used to the frenetic pace. Here are 10 stories—themes, really—that dominated legal news reports.
Is a Christmas tree in a public park a secular symbol? ABA Legal Fact Check weighs in

A village attorney in Illinois had to weigh Supreme Court precedent when he concluded a Christmas tree in a public park was a secular symbol, according to ABA Legal…

City attorney in Florida fears assassination attempt by police, report indicates

The city attorney in Fort Myers, Florida, has told investigators he believes he could be assassinated by members of the city’s police force because he helped expose problems in the…

Suits target government’s decision to release reservoir water during Hurricane Harvey

Dozens of lawsuits have been filed on behalf of Houston homeowners seeking compensation as a result of a federal decision to release water from two reservoirs during Hurricane Harvey.


Investigators probe whether power lines sparked California fires, raising liability issues
Investigators probing the cause of Northern California fires that have killed at least 31 people will be examining whether downed power lines played a role in igniting the blaze, raising the possibility of liability and fines for Pacific Gas and Electric Company.
Chicago attorney launches parking-ticket resistance campaign online
Lawyer Todd Kooperman started a GoFundMe campaign called the Chicago Parking Ticket Resistance.
California sues to stop construction of Trump’s border wall

California filed a lawsuit on Wednesday to stop construction of the border wall advocated by President Donald Trump as a key campaign promise.

The suit claims the administration did…

Federal judge in Chicago blocks Trump administration’s hold on grants to sanctuary cities
A federal judge in Chicago on Friday issued a nationwide injunction blocking the Trump administration from refusing to release public safety grants to sanctuary cities that don’t cooperate in immigration enforcement.
Facebook photos mocking courtroom attire lead to job trouble for lawyers accused of posting them

State law in New York bars taking photographs in a courthouse without permission, but that didn’t deter some lawyers on Facebook from apparently posting unflattering photos of people in Queens…

New law provides some New Yorkers facing eviction with free legal representation

New York City is the first municipality to guarantee attorneys for residents who face eviction or foreclosure and are considered low-income.

Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the bill Friday,

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