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1929 ABA Journal articles on First Amendment.

Judge who blocked ads targeting Arkansas justice recuses, along with every other judge in his county

A special judge is being sought to hear a suit filed by Arkansas Justice Courtney Goodson and her re-election campaign after every judge in Washington County recused from the case.

How a fake story about a Supreme Court decision went viral
According to a story widely disseminated on Facebook, the U.S. Supreme Court has issued “a direct and final blow to the Islamic indoctrination" of America's youth with a decision banning Sharia law from being taught in the classrooms.
Judge orders broadcasters to stop airing ads targeting Arkansas justice
Updated: An Arkansas judge has ordered several television broadcasters to stop airing ads targeting a state supreme court justice that are funded by the conservative group Judicial Crisis Network.
Will swing voter Kennedy uphold Trump’s travel ban? Oral arguments show support for US position
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Anthony M. Kennedy indicated support for President Donald Trump’s authority to institute his travel ban during oral arguments on Wednesday.
Statements by Oregon State Bar and specialty groups draw fire

A statement by the mandatory state bar in Oregon and a second statement by specialty bar groups are drawing criticism from some lawyers who say they are too…

Seeking to side with plaintiffs suing New York, city council sues for right to file amicus briefs

The New York City Council has sued the city’s law department for the right to file amicus briefs in court cases—including cases in which plaintiffs are suing the city.


Homeland Security wants to track ‘media influencers’ worldwide
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is seeking contractors who can compile a searchable database of “media influencers” that will allow the agency to monitor social media and traditional news sources.
Federal judge scolds Florida for ‘fit of histrionics’ over restoration of felons’ voting rights

U.S. District Judge Mark Walker was thoroughly unpersuaded by Florida officials’ request for a stay of his order requiring the state to create new rules for the restoration of voting…

Woman who flipped the bird at Trump motorcade sues over forced resignation

A Virginia woman has filed a lawsuit claiming the government contractor she worked for violated public policy by forcing her resignation for flipping off President Donald Trump’s motorcade last year.

Judge says statute used to charge local crime blogger is unconstitutionally vague

A Texas law used to charge a citizen blogger for releasing the name of a suicide victim is unconstitutionally vague, a Texas judge has ruled.

Judge Monica Zapata Notzon…

Fighting Words: Can anti-profanity laws be squared with the First Amendment?
Anti-profanity laws remain on the books in some states. Such laws are sometimes considered constitutional under the fighting words doctrine—words the Supreme Court defined in Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire (1942).
Uncovering the secret history of how corporations gained their civil rights (podcast)
When we think of civil rights movements, the first to spring to mind might be the battles against African-American segregation or for women's suffrage. But one of the longest, most successful–and least-known–of these movements in America has been made on behalf of corporations. In this episode of the Modern Law Library, professor Adam Winkler, author of We the Corporations: How American Businesses Won Their Civil Rights, shares what he learned from his investigation into how corporations have achieved constitutional protections ranging from the right to sue and be sued, to individual rights like religious liberty protections and free speech.
Can fired deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe sue over his termination?
Corrected: Fired deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe has a couple legal options after his termination Friday, but neither is a sure thing.
In latest Pepe the Frog dispute, its creator sues Infowars over poster

The artist behind Pepe the Frog continues his legal efforts to take his cartoon creation back from the alt-right and conspiracy theorists with a copyright suit against Infowars, a website…

Supreme Court to weigh whether law aimed at crisis pregnancy centers violates First Amendment
A law aimed largely at the field of crisis pregnancy centers, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra, will be argued today before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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