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First paralegal practitioners in Utah are expected to be licensed in 2019

The first paralegal practitioners in Utah are expected to be licensed in 2019, making the state the second to license nonlawyers to practice law.

New rules regulating paralegal practitioners…

States may scrap marriage licenses as counties resist same-sex ruling
Probate judges in at least seven Alabama counties refuse to issue marriage licenses to any couples, same-sex or heterosexual, so lawmakers may abolish licenses altogether. Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Montana have similar proposals.
Divorce lawyer is shot and killed by his client’s former husband, police say
Updated: A 41-year-old divorce lawyer in Cartersville, Georgia, was shot and killed Wednesday.
Another ruling by controversial Philadelphia family court judge is overturned
Updated: A Philadelphia family court judge who repeatedly interrupted a lawyer and frequently noted the late hour violated the due process rights of three children when she removed them from the home of their mother, a Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled.
Separating asylum-seeking immigrant families violates due process rights, federal judge says
Separating asylum-seeking mothers from their children is brutal, offensive and a violation of the due process clause, according to a federal judge in San Diego.
Police identify divorce litigant believed to have killed 2 paralegals and 4 others
Police in Arizona have identified divorce litigant Dwight Lamon Jones as the suspect who killed six people in the Phoenix area before he fatally shot himself Monday morning at an extended-stay hotel in Scottsdale.
IRS overhaul throws divorce calculations into turmoil
President Donald Trump’s tax code overhaul has confused matrimonial lawyers, mediators and divorcing couples trying to reach financial settlements. For 75 years, alimony was deductible for the payer, and the recipient paid income tax on it.
Opioid family court cases increase
Child welfare agencies in Vermont, Minnesota and Ohio cite opioids as driving an increase in the number of children in foster care. A 2011 study found that opioid abuse was associated with increased domestic violence.
Judge orders NY man out of his parents’ home, says he isn’t entitled to 6 months’ notice

A judge in upstate New York has ordered a 30-year-old man to leave his parents’ home, even as he praised his legal research.

Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood, a trial-level…

Apps used to stalk can endanger domestic violence victims, but may be hard for lawyers to access
There are hundreds of cell phone apps that can be used for stalking a current or former romantic partner—and they may be hard to access by attorneys who work with victims.
Widow claims a failure to safeguard her late husband’s sperm by lawyer who allegedly advised him

The widow of a software company CEO claims a lawyer breached a fiduciary duty by failing to safeguard the frozen sperm of the widow’s late husband.

Widow Katherine Pesic is…

Appeals court criticizes ‘judicially created parental alienation’ in case of baby with broken ribs
A state appeals court has accused a Pennsylvania judge of “judicially created parental alienation” and a failure to provide due process when she kept a baby in “protracted foster care” after receiving no explanation for broken ribs and then terminated parental rights.
Prominent gay-rights lawyer sets himself on fire and dies in environmental protest

A prominent gay-rights lawyer died early Saturday in a Brooklyn, New York, park after he set himself on fire to protest pollution from fossil fuels.

David Buckel, 60, was “an…

Utah is said to be the first state to legalize ‘free-range parenting’

A change in Utah law signed last week by Gov. Gary Herbert is intended to legalize “free-range parenting” that gives greater freedom to children with the maturity to handle it.

Bill toughening penalties for harm and threats to family lawyers heads to Wisconsin governor
A bill that would make it a felony to harm or threaten lawyers for their work in family law cases is heading to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

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