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Same-sex couple sues federally funded refugee adoption agency for discrimination

A law professor and her wife have sued the federal government, alleging that a federally funded child services agency refused to consider placing a child with them because they don’t…

New tax law affects alimony, could spur divorce surge
Some experts are predicting a surge in divorces this year as spouses paying alimony seek to take advantage of the deduction before it is eliminated.
Custody case will determine whether transgender teen can get hormone therapy

An Ohio judge is considering whether to award full custody of a transgender teen to his grandparents so he can pursue hormone therapy that is opposed by his parents.


Lawyer for stars launches do-it-yourself divorce website

A lawyer who represents Hollywood stars in their divorces has launched a new website to help people getting an uncontested divorce create the needed forms and get the paperwork filed.

When UPL accusations against lawyer paraprofessionals are just protectionism
Last year, the legal profession continued to protect the delivery of legal services with multiple state bar ethics decisions negatively impacting legal service providers Avvo, LegalZoom, and Rocket Lawyer. As I outlined last time, 80 percent—or 4 in 5 Americans—cannot obtain legal help. In most industries, this would be seen as a massive market opportunity for existing providers.
Advocates are fighting to outlaw adult marriages to minors
Virginia, Texas and New York forbid under-18 marriages, except for emancipated minors. Six more states will consider legislation soon. More than half of all states do not specify a minimum age for marriage.
The limited license legal technician is the way of the future of law
The first time I heard about the Washington State Bar Association’s Limited License Legal Technician program was when I hosted an Evolve Law event in Seattle in November 2015. I had just moved to the state and I was immediately intrigued by what I heard about the program.
Judge is accused of barring mother from seeing her child for 14 months over fee nonpayment
A Mississippi judge has resigned after he was accused of barring a mother from seeing her child until she paid court fees, keeping the 4-month-old child from the mother for the next 14 months.
Writer’s ‘awful’ prenup experience actually shows value of lawyers, law prof says

For Abby Mims, a prenup agreement was a humiliating experience that was still helpful because it gave her fiancé reassurance that his money would be protected.

Northwestern University law professor…

Judge rescinds order giving joint custody to father accused of raping then-12-year-old mother

A Michigan judge on Tuesday rescinded an order giving joint custody to a father accused of raping the boy’s mother when she was 12.

Judge Gregory Ross of Sanilac County…

Judge was unaware he gave joint custody to father accused of raping the then-12-year-old mother

A Michigan judge says he was not aware he had awarded joint legal custody of a boy to a father accused of raping the boy’s mother when she was…

Alleged rapist of 12-year-old girl is awarded joint custody of child who was conceived

Updated: A Michigan man and convicted sex offender who pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in an alleged rape of a 12-year-old girl was awarded joint legal custody of the…

Michigan mom who ignored consent order to vaccinate her son sentenced to 7 days in jail

A Michigan mom has been sentenced to seven days in jail for contempt of court for failing to follow a consent order to vaccinate her 9-year-old son.

Rebecca Bredow was…

What can we learn from the history of interracial relationships in America? (podcast)
Richard and Mildred Loving did not set out to be civil rights pioneers. But in 1958, police burst into their home and arrested them for violating the Racial Integrity Act of 1924. Richard was white, and Mildred was not. They were legally married in Washington, D.C., but that did not protect them in Virginia. After years of living in virtual exile from their home state to avoid prison time, the Lovings looked to the courts for relief. And 50 years ago this summer, the U.S. Supreme Court granted that relief in Loving v. Virginia, striking down Virginia's law against interracial marriage and declaring that the freedom to marry is "one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men."

A Utah lawyer has quietly studied violence against attorneys for two decades

“If you go out and look, there really is no method to determine the rate of violence against attorneys,” says Stephen Kelson, who studies violence and threats against lawyers. “It happens, but it rarely gets recorded unless there’s something that really catches the media’s attention.”

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