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Impeachment talk by federal workers could violate Hatch Act, new guidance says

Updated: New guidance on prohibited political activity by federal employees warns that workplace talk of impeachment and resistance could be banned by the Hatch Act.

The guidance was issued…

Lawyer accused of creating fake candidate pages on Facebook and Twitter to influence elections

A New York City lawyer who once proposed settling a lawsuit with a duel has been charged with trying to influence elections by creating fake Facebook and Twitter pages in…

Kansas AG argues no right to voter data privacy in federal court
The Kansas attorney general’s office is defending Kris Kobach, the outgoing Kansas secretary of state, by saying there is no right to privacy when it comes to state voter data, according to recent federal court filings.
Federal judge gives Florida voters more time to validate ballots with mismatched signatures

A federal judge in Florida has ruled that election supervisors must give voters until 5 p.m. Saturday to validate ballots with signatures that don’t match signatures on file.

U.S. District…

Supreme Court will consider racial gerrymandering case; could standing issue affect health law?

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to consider the constitutionality of 11 state legislative districts in Virginia that were drawn in 2011 to maintain a black voting-age population of…

Judge tells lawyers in Florida recount battle to ‘ramp down the rhetoric’; Georgia delay ordered

Judges in Florida and Georgia are grappling with a growing number of lawsuits over election results.

In Florida, the chief circuit judge in Broward County ruled against a request for…

Who won these races? Lawyers sue over ballot counting

Ballots are still being counted in some tight races in Florida, Georgia and Arizona, even as lawyers head to court to challenge the procedures being used.

In Florida, there are…

Partisan gerrymander in Maryland violates First Amendment right to political association, court says
A special three-judge panel ruled Wednesday that Democratic leaders in Maryland violated a First Amendment right to political association and representation when they redrew boundaries for a congressional district to benefit their party.
Voting rights groups win orders to expand polling hours in Georgia and Texas

Voting rights groups on Tuesday won court orders expanding polling hours in locations in Georgia and Texas, while also filing a suit seeking to keep Georgia’s secretary of state from…

Ballot measures give felons the right to vote, overturn Jim Crow-era jury law and legalize marijuana
Beyond the fight for Congress, voters across the country were presented with major criminal justice reform initiatives on Tuesday's ballot.
BigLaw hosts election hotlines while students and lawyers monitor polls
Updated: Nearly a hundred of the nation’s top law firms and corporate law departments are volunteering for an “election protection” program run by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. One law firm reported Tuesday afternoon that its call center is receiving several calls about election irregularities.
America: The Resilient Land of the Free
All Americans have the responsibility to exercise their rights to speak out and to vote. Democracy is not served when the people do not participate. In the past 20 years, midterm election turnout has averaged under 39 percent, and we, as a nation, simply can and must do better.
Russian national is charged with conspiracy to interfere with midterm elections and US democracy

A Russian national from St. Petersburg has been charged with overseeing finances of a social media operation to create distrust in the American political system and interfere with U.S. democracy.

Florida Supreme Court rules that current governor can’t replace 3 retiring justices
The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that the state's next governor, not current Gov. Rick Scott, has the authority to choose justices for three seats that will come open in January.
Report urges merit selection of state supreme court justices, with ‘one and done’ lengthy terms
Special interest money is pouring into state supreme court races, creating “a morass of conflicts of interest that threaten the appearance, and reality, of fair decision-making,” according to a report released Thursday by the Brennan Center for Justice.

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