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Judge weighs contempt after paper publishes redacted information about alleged school shooter

A judge in Broward County, Florida, is considering a motion to hold the South Florida Sun Sentinel and two of its reporters in contempt of court for publishing redacted information…

Did Kavanaugh’s ‘one race’ assertion signal a vote against racial preferences?

Supporters of affirmative action are concerned about a 2012 opinion of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that delayed but ultimately allowed a voter ID law in South Carolina opposed by the Obama administration’s Justice Department.

House resolutions decry over-discipline in schools, urge tech access for those with disabilities
Technological access for those with disabilities and curbing the school-to-prison pipeline were the focus of two resolutions brought by the Commission on Disability Rights before the ABA House of Delegates on Tuesday. Both were passed with overwhelming support.
Youth tackle football head injuries
A class action suit against the Pop Warner youth football league on safety concerns stands to be the first lawsuit to go to trial.
Proposed DOE regulation: Defrauded students seeking debt relief must prove schools misled them

The U.S. Department of Education proposed new regulations Wednesday including one that would require student loan-holders hoping to qualify for a “borrowers defense” for repayment adjudication to prove their college…

Despite Title IX guidance repeal, many schools don’t plan to change handling of sex abuse complaints
Many schools will continue using a preponderance of evidence standard when investigating Title IX complaints despite the U.S. Department of Education rescinding the guidance last year, according to a recent survey.
14 of 19 Vermont Law professors lose tenure, retention chair tells professors’ organization
After being informed by the chair of Vermont Law School's retention committee that the school stripped 14 law professors of tenure, the American Association of University Professors has questioned whether the school followed proper regulations.
Rescinding campus diversity policy, Trump administration offers Supreme Court rulings as guidance

The Trump administration said it will abandon a policy that asked schools to consider race in admissions as a way to diversify campuses.

Cornell PhD candidate should get degree despite Title IX complaint, law profs say

A group of Cornell law professors have protested the university’s decision to withhold a physics PhD candidate’s degree after a Title IX investigation involving retaliation was opened against him.

Judge dismisses lawsuit alleging constitutional right to literacy; plaintiffs vow appeal
A Detroit federal judge dismissed a lawsuit last week that accused the city's schools of denying children their fundamental right of access to literacy.
Angry parents find little legal recourse when schools put their kids in ‘seclusion rooms’
It's not a timeout: State laws, school policies and individualized education programs often allow involuntary confinement as a way to calm highly emotional students. Disabled and minority students are disproportionately affected by seclusion policies, which can include isolation and physical restraints.
Lawyer is suspended after using ex-client’s information in complaint about ‘angry feminist cabal’

A Pennsylvania lawyer who claimed in a lawsuit that his client had been victimized by “vigilante justice from student activists” had used information provided by one of the activists in…

Plaintiffs say Harvard gave Asian-American applicants lower ratings on personality traits

Plaintiffs suing Harvard over its admissions policies say the university depressed the number of Asian-American admittees partly by giving them lower ratings for likability and other personality traits.

Students for…

Justice Department backs conservative students who claim universities stifle speech

The U.S. Justice Department is backing students in several cases who argue their universities are restricting their First Amendment right to express their views.

In the most recent case, the…

Harvard president says admissions data used by lawsuit plaintiffs is taken out of context

Outgoing Harvard University president Drew Faust told students in an email on Tuesday the plaintiffs suing the school over its admissions policies are relying on “misleading, selectively presented data taken…

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