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Does forensic hypnosis produce reliable evidence? 2 death row inmates say it’s junk science
Two Texas death row inmates are contending forensic hypnosis was wrongly used to put them behind bars.
SCOTUS to hear inmate’s claim that rare medical condition would make execution particularly painful

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to consider the case of a Missouri inmate who contends a rare medical condition would make being put to death by lethal injection…

Inmate, 83, is executed in death of federal appeals judge

An 83-year-old inmate executed Thursday for a 1989 mail bombing that killed a federal appeals judge is the oldest person put to death in the modern era of capital punishment,…

ABA launches clemency information clearinghouse for death penalty cases
Corrected: In 2015, ABA attorneys noticed a major gap in resources for lawyers who defend capital cases: clemency information. Defendants who have exhausted their direct appeals and habeas petition rights often ask governors for mercy—but there wasn’t a lot of information available about how to do that effectively.
US is on its own path in the death penalty debate
When it comes to imposing the death penalty, the United States has long outpaced North American neighbors Canada and Mexico, according to Cassandra Stubbs, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Capital Punishment Project.
Supreme Court gives second chance to death-row inmate denied funding for an investigator
A federal appeals court applied a legal standard that was too tough when it denied funding to a death-row inmate seeking an investigator to show ineffective assistance of counsel, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled.
Supreme Court refuses to hear broad challenge to death penalty
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a case broadly challenging the death penalty while also challenging Arizona’s system for making death penalty determinations.
Why Oklahoma plans to execute people with nitrogen

Oklahoma has always been the nation’s laboratory for capital punishment.

It was a state legislator named Bill Wiseman who in 1977 came up with the idea of lethal injection by…

Jailed investigator will testify because it may help capital client’s cause

An investigator who refused to testify for prosecutors in a capital appeal on religious grounds has changed her mind after learning her testimony could help the condemned man.


Trump backs death penalty for drug dealers; is it constitutional?
President Donald Trump backed the death penalty for drug dealers on Saturday at a Pennsylvania rally, while his administration is reportedly studying the issue.

Trump said the United States got the idea of capital punishment for drug dealers from Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Washington Post reports.
Dark tale of ‘The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist’ brings false convictions to light (podcast)
For nearly two decades, Dr. Steven Hayne and Dr. Michael West were the go-to experts who Mississippi law enforcement and prosecutors relied on when there was a potential homicide. Hayne performed the bulk of the autopsies in the state, while West was a dentist who touted his skill in bite-mark analysis and his pioneering use of UV light on human skin to detect trace markings he claimed he could match to objects. But after years of investigations and countless testimonies from the men, their claims of expertise began to fall apart—and wrongful convictions began coming to light.
‘Blatant shortcomings’ in lawyers’ work merited habeas relief, Sotomayor says in cert denial dissent

Lawyers for a Louisiana death row inmate with a major neurocognitive order never presented that mitigation evidence to jurors and didn’t investigate the issue on post-conviction appeal, according to Justice…

Ban death penalty for those 21 or younger, ABA House says

The ABA House of Delegates on Monday asked all death penalty jurisdictions to ban capital punishment for any offender who committed their crime at the age of 21 or younger.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and the ethics of prisoner organ donations
Thank God for the ability to binge-watch. Streaming media has put us all in a perfect posture for plowing through episode after episode of our favorite shows. This is all fine and well when it’s one of your favorite shows, or perhaps a series you share with a friend or loved one. It’s another situation completely when your significant other gets the binge-bug for one of their favorites.
US is an outlier on death penalty attitudes in North America, ACLU attorney says
When it comes to imposing the death penalty, the United States has long outpaced North American neighbors Canada and Mexico, according to the director of the ACLU Capital Punishment Project.

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