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Clients pushing their outside counsels to adopt stricter cybersecurity standards and protections
Companies are expending more manpower and money on keeping their data safe. The study found that two-thirds of respondents expected their legal department’s role in cybersecurity would increase over the following 12 months, compared with 55 percent in the 2015 survey.
FCC Chairman Pai: Public comment portal may get upgrade


South Carolina requires insurers to have plans safeguarding customer data
Less than a year from now, insurers doing business in South Carolina will be required to have a “comprehensive information security program” that protects consumer data.
Prepare for and plan against a cyberattack
Attorneys are subject to frequent cybercrime attacks, email accounts are breached, and we are solicited to move money for cybercriminals. Helpful frameworks for information security professionals can guide your incident response planning.
‘Nigerian prince’ email scam 2.0: How to avoid falling victim to social engineering cyberattacks

Lawyers at Owens, Schine & Nicola, a personal injury firm in Connecticut, thought they had an easy collections matter to resolve.

Apple tests security feature with potential to foil law enforcement
Apple is testing a new security feature that could put an end to how police unlock encrypted iPhones.
Are you covered? Cyber insurance market is highly unstable and lacks uniformity
As cyberthreats evolve and proliferate, more insurers are expanding options to help law firms mitigate loss. However, without industry standards, coverage and cost vary from plan to plan, sometimes causing gaps in potential coverage.
FBI overestimated the number of encrypted phones while arguing for workarounds
The FBI has admitted that it overestimated—by potentially 550 percent, sources say—the number of cellphones investigators cannot access due to encryption.
Senator asks pointed questions about telecom company’s sale of cellphone location data
A private telecommunications company is selling cellphone user location data to law enforcement agencies, and a Democratic senator has some questions about its compliance with the Fourth Amendment.
Yes, there’s an email encryption vulnerability; no, you (likely) don’t need to freak out
European security researchers have released a warning regarding a vulnerability in PGP and S/MIME, a form of encryption used in email. While the researchers and the Electronic Frontier Foundation recommend that users of the technology disable it, this likely affects few law firms.
Suit claims ex-Bryan Cave partner hid client’s hack using FBI tools she supplied while a prosecutor
A former partner with Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner is accused of directing a client to hide from the Federal Trade Commission that his cybersecurity firm disclosed patient data obtained with spying software she had supplied while as a federal prosecutor battling child pornographers.
How can lawyers find cybersecurity solutions that work for them?
Lawyers don’t have to break the bank if they wish to be protected from cybertheft. But that doesn’t mean they can afford to be cheap in selecting security products and services.
Lawyers have an ethical duty to safeguard confidential information in the cloud
Remote storage and other internet-enabled technologies can create unique ethical quandaries for lawyers. With changes to ethics rules reflecting technology’s role in the profession, many find the prevailing reasonableness standard difficult to interpret.
9 Iranians indicted for hacking computers of law firm, universities, government agencies
Indictments announced Friday allege nine Iranians working on behalf of the Iranian government hacked university computers to access scientific research, while also targeting one law firm, private companies and government agencies.
Ransomware is a growing threat, but there are things you can do to protect your firm
Ransomware is a growing, $1 billion-a-year industry—and one that has already proven to be devastating to other multibillion-dollar industries around the world.

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