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ABA weighs in on California Supreme Court case affecting state’s new bail reform law
Updated: The American Bar Association filed an amicus brief Tuesday asking the California Supreme Court to affirm a decision critical of that state's bail schedule.
Chemerinsky: Another blockbuster Supreme Court term is ahead

At this point, review has not been granted in any cases involving abortion rights, affirmative action, campaign finance law, or gay and lesbian rights. But there are potentially important rulings about many different areas of law.

Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to 8 crimes: Now what?
Late Tuesday afternoon, President Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to eight counts related to campaign-finance and financial abuses. In doing so, he admitted in court that he made payments to silence two women—adult film star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal—at Trump’s behest to affect the 2016 presidential campaign.
Defense lawyers challenge 904 indictments issued by grand jury in single day
A group of defense lawyers in South Carolina has filed a motion to quash 904 indictments issued by a grand jury in one day in June.
Text-message reminders are a cheap and effective way to reduce pretrial detention
With just a couple of dollars, courts and public defenders can keep people from being arrested.

Court date reminders sent to defendants via text message are an inexpensive, simple intervention being tested across the country.
Criminal injustice: How Netflix’s ‘The Staircase’ illustrates the inequities of our justice system
I’m fascinated with the fascination over the true-crime genre. It allows audiences to see the unfairness of a system which, too often, keeps its secrets in the shadows.
California considering end to felony murder rule
A bill in the California legislature could curtail felony murder prosecutions in the state.
Manslaughter charge is reinstated though lawyer-client conversation was recorded and transcribed
The Indiana Supreme Court has reinstated a voluntary manslaughter charge against a man whose attorney-client conversation was recorded during a break in police questioning, then transcribed and distributed to prosecutors.
Judge refuses to toss money laundering charge against Manafort, upholds search of storage unit
A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has refused to dismiss a money laundering charge against Paul Manafort and refused to exclude evidence seized from his storage unit.
Prosecutors drop charges against inauguration protesters after judge says they withheld videos
Federal prosecutors dismissed all charges against seven inauguration protesters and reduced charges against three others after a Washington, D.C., judge criticized the government for withholding undercover videos recorded by an activist group.
New York considers changing discovery rules that often leave defense lawyers in the dark
Advocates have dubbed New York’s discovery scheme the blindfold law, arguing that the lack of information requires defense counsel to prepare for trial, or advise clients about plea bargains, without ever seeing the evidence.
How broken windows policing changed the legal landscape in ‘Misdemeanorland’ (podcast)

As violent crime in New York City peaked from 1988-1991, policy makers were desperate for ways to combat and prevent it. In 1994, a new theory was embraced by the…

Fees and fines threaten judicial independence
For more than a decade, state court systems have been chronically underfunded. The ABA’s Task Force on the Preservation of the Justice System has called it “one of the most critical issues facing the legal profession.” But rather than support courts and the justice system through general tax revenue, states are increasingly relying on criminal fees and fines charged to defendants.
9th Circuit to appoint special prosecutor to oppose pardoned Arpaio
A federal appeals court will appoint a special prosecutor to argue that former Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s conviction for criminal contempt should stand, despite his pardon by President Donald Trump.
North Carolina police issue broad warrants for data from Google users near crime scenes
Police in North Carolina are using search warrants to collect cellphone location data of individuals near a crime scene.

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