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Ruling on dental photographs takes a bite out of copyright protections
A U.S. district judge in Florida ruled in June that a dentist’s before-and-after photos didn’t contain enough of a “creative spark” to merit protection. Some lawyers worry the decision, which is being appealed, could have detrimental effects on other images used in advertising.
Can recording artists stop Trump from playing their music at rallies? Legal theories are untested

Rihanna and Pharrell Williams are among the recording artists who have objected to President Donald Trump using their songs at rallies. Can they stop the music?

The Washington Post

Fastcase can bring copyright suit against Casemaker, 11th Circuit rules

Legal research company Fastcase can bring a suit against rival company Casemaker regarding the latter’s claims of control over Georgia’s administrative regulations, ruled the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of…

ABA amicus brief urges Supreme Court to use stricter standard on copyright registration
The American Bar Association has filed an amicus brief arguing that the U.S. Supreme Court should find copyrights are established at the earliest opportunity.
9th Circuit rules that sharing IP address is insufficient for copyright infringement

The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that a bare internet protocol address is not enough to bring a copyright infringement claim, affirming the…

Pre-1972 recordings are governed by older copyright law even if remastered, 9th Circuit says

Copyrights of older songs cannot be extended by digital remastering, the San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday.

The Hollywood Reporter and the National Law…

Suspended Prenda lawyer pleads guilty in scheme to sue porn downloaders

A former lawyer for Prenda Law has pleaded guilty in a scheme to upload pornography to file sharing websites and then threaten to sue people who downloaded the material for…

Prince’s estate files lawsuit over cybersquatting of

The estate of the late recording artist and actor Prince is suing an Englewood, New Jersey-based domain broker for cybersquatting the website.

Filed last Wednesday in the U.S. District…

Public domain advocate gets appellate win in bid to publish copyrighted standards referenced in laws

A federal appeals court on Tuesday told a federal judge to reconsider whether the fair use doctrine allows a nonprofit to post technical standards created by private industry groups that…

BigLaw firm takes on porn infringement, says Prenda Law was a different, ‘malicious’ animal

Fox Rothschild has taken on copyright infringement suits, filing 870 such suits for porn studio Strike 3 Holdings in the first six months of this year.

Strike 3 and another…

‘Monkey selfie’ case may hang around in 9th Circuit
It's the case that keeps hanging on: the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals may reconsider an April decision that held animals can't sue for copyright infringement, a ruling that was supposed to settle the "monkey selfie" debacle.
Composer’s heir can’t sue Jay-Z to enforce moral rights to flute song in ‘Big Pimpin’,’ court says
The nephew of an Egyptian composer has no standing to sue Jay-Z and producer Timbaland for copyright infringement for sampling a flute melody in his rap hit “Big Pimpin',” a federal appeals court has ruled.
E-recycling advocate loses appeal, must spend 15 months in prison
E-recycling advocate Eric Lundgren has lost his appeal and will have to serve 15 months in prison.
Monkey has no standing to assert copyright infringement in selfie case, 9th Circuit rules
A federal appeals court has ruled that a monkey has no standing under the U.S. Copyright Act to assert copyright in selfie photos.
LeBron James issues infringement letter to the University of Alabama over web series
Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James and his multimedia platform, Uninterrupted, sent a notice of copyright infringement to the University of Alabama earlier this month.

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