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E-recycling advocate loses appeal, must spend 15 months in prison
E-recycling advocate Eric Lundgren has lost his appeal and will have to serve 15 months in prison.
Monkey has no standing to assert copyright infringement in selfie case, 9th Circuit rules
A federal appeals court has ruled that a monkey has no standing under the U.S. Copyright Act to assert copyright in selfie photos.
LeBron James issues infringement letter to the University of Alabama over web series
Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James and his multimedia platform, Uninterrupted, sent a notice of copyright infringement to the University of Alabama earlier this month.
Federal Circuit rules Google infringed copyright, may owe billions
In a decision that could ripple through the software industry, a federal appeals court determined that Google violated Oracle’s copyright by using its open-source code.
Use copyright law to battle mugshot extortion
After her DUI charge was dropped, Julie Cantu thought her nightmare was over. Then, she went on a date.
Lawyer who filed 500-plus copyright cases in federal court calls $10K sanction ‘judicial error’
Updated: A lawyer who was ordered to pay a $10,000 sanction for failing to provide proper notice of a hearing claims the judge who imposed it exceeded her authority in a “clear-cut judicial error.”
In latest Pepe the Frog dispute, its creator sues Infowars over poster

The artist behind Pepe the Frog continues his legal efforts to take his cartoon creation back from the alt-right and conspiracy theorists with a copyright suit against Infowars, a website…

Computer refurbisher appeals for freedom after trying to prolong lives of PCs

Updated and corrected: Eric Lundgren, an electronics recycling advocate and computer refurbisher from California, faces more than a year in prison for creating tens of thousands of discs meant to…

Federal judge dismisses copyright suit over lyrics to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’
A California federal judge dismissed a copyright lawsuit last week over a phrase in the chorus of Taylor Swift's 2014 song “Shake It Off.”
Embedding tweets with photos can violate copyright, federal judge rules
Embedding a tweet with a photo in an online publication may violate the photographer’s copyright, a federal judge has ruled in a case concerning a tweeted photo of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
A purr-fect ending for Grumpy Cat is a $710K win in court
Star of memes Grumpy Cat has a savvy owner who's leveraged the feline's sourpuss face to produce branded products, score a commercial spot and obtain a “spokescat” deal.
Turtles members lose royalty battle in Florida
Florida law doesn’t protect performers seeking compensation for recordings made before 1972, the Florida Supreme Court ruled Thursday.
Photographer settles suit asserting monkey owned the copyright to his selfie

A photographer who claimed he owned the copyright to a selfie snapped by a monkey has settled a suit brought on the macaque’s behalf by People for the Ethical Treatment…

‘Pepe the Frog’ creator wins copyright lawsuit against author of conservative children’s book

Cartoonist Matt Furie intended his Pepe the Frog character to be “blissfully stoned” and a “peaceful frog-dude.” But that was in 2005.

Today, Pepe is widely known as a meme…

Blogger sues Food Network, claims it copied her how-to video for snow-globe cupcakes

A blogger who created a video showing how to make her original recipe for edible snow-globe cupcakes has filed a lawsuit claiming Food Network violated her copyright when it produced…

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