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Who is William Barr, Trump’s pick to replace Sessions as AG?

Barr, who served as attorney general for two years under President George H.W. Bush, has had an illustrious career. But what can his past work and statements tell us about how he’d approach the job if confirmed?

Study finds male partners make an average of 53% more than female partners at top law firms
The difference in average compensation for male and female partners at top U.S. law firms amounts to a 53 percent pay gap, according to a survey released on Thursday.
Judge tosses sexual assault suit against lawyer in battle between personal injury titans

A Michigan judge on Wednesday dismissed a sexual misconduct suit against a Southfield lawyer in what appears to be an ongoing battle between rivals.

Judge Phyllis McMillen of Oakland County…

A life of legal firsts—including romance and marriage
I graduated from Columbia Law School in 1945, 20 years before the Civil Rights Act made it illegal to discriminate in employment on the basis of sex. Although some eastern law schools—Yale and Columbia, but heavens, not Harvard—already admitted women, female graduates couldn’t expect to be recommended as law clerks to sitting judges, no matter how well their records stacked up against their male classmates.
The wives of white-collar crime: Support group aims to help families and end stigma
Women from four continents learned the hard way that they were married to white-collar criminals. Now their private online support group, the White-Collar Wives Project, is shining a light on damage that white-collar crime can cause the entire family.
JAG Corps captain’s journey took him from Bushido to the bar
Shane Blank's law career was influenced by Bushido: The Soul of Japan, a book written by Inazo Nitobe in 1899.
Top 10 tips for business lawyers
Top 10 tips for litigators
This month, we’re sharing the next round of advice—this time aimed at litigators and business lawyers.
Source of Solace: Off the bench, federal judge dedicates time to helping others
U.S. District Judge Jay C. Zainey co-founded SOLACE more than 15 years ago. Support of Lawyers/Legal Personnel—All Concern Encouraged members try to help fellow members of the legal community and their families in times of need.
Burford Capital $50 million litigation fund headed by women and female-owned firms
The Equity Project aims to enable female litigators to become leaders in significant matters, claim origination more easily, and nab new business by offering clients alternative fees.
Lawyer congratulates client who once spent time in jail on his admission to the Florida Bar

Raymon Burns once dreamed of working at Sports Authority after his release from jail, but he has achieved much more.

Burns has gained admission to the Florida Bar, and it…

Only 57 percent of new partners are satisfied with pay; they may earn less than senior associates

For many lawyers, partnership is the brass ring they have long sought. But compensation and other aspects of partnership are not necessarily in line with their expectations.

The New Partner…

KPMG aims to employ 3,000 lawyers within the next few years
Accounting firm KPMG currently employs 1,800 lawyers in offices across 75 countries, and it has plans to expand the number.
Clerkship boot camp reboots; Heritage Foundation drops secrecy and loyalty pledges

The conservative Heritage Foundation has revived an expense-paid boot camp for selected federal judicial clerks that was suspended amid criticism over its attempts to control training materials.

Those who…

How to escape the golden handcuffs? Anonymous BigLaw associate offers extreme savings tips
Want to retire from BigLaw practice early to pursue other things? The answer lies in the FIRE movement, which stands for “financial independence, retire early," according to an anonymous New York City associate.

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