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Senate confirms criminal division chief who represented Russian bank
The Senate has confirmed Brian Benczkowski to lead the Justice Department’s criminal division amid controversy over his representation of a Russian bank.
Present as your true self, says Mia Yamamoto (podcast)

What do you know now that you wish you’d known at the start of your career? It’s a question that ABA Journal podcast host Stephanie Francis Ward loves to ask,…

Median pay for public service lawyers rises modestly, NALP reports
Salaries for public service lawyers continue to slowly increase, but their pay is still below that of lawyers in private practice, according to a salary survey by the National Association for Law Placement.
Set your own expectations, says Andrés Gallegos (podcast)
What do you know now that you wish you’d known at the start of your career? It’s a question that ABA Journal podcast host Stephanie Francis Ward loves to ask, one that can prompt incredible stories. It’s the question that inspired her to create a special series of her Asked and Answered podcast, titled Asked and Answered: Lived and Learned. In this episode, Ward speaks with Andrés Gallegos.
1881 Initiative aims to increase the number of female AGs
The Democratic Attorneys General Association has launched an initiative to elect more women to an underestimated position: state attorney general. DAGA’s 1881 Initiative is named for the first year two women ran for—and lost—state AG seats. The goal is to ensure that by 2022 at least half the Democratic attorneys general will be women.
Embracing the possibilities of law grads from nontraditional backgrounds
Those of us who have had challenges on the way to working in the legal industry must speak up about their own experiences to inspire others. At the University of Exeter, a program called Pathways to Law supports high-achieving students from nonprivileged backgrounds as they finish school and start the process of applying to university.
Lawyer loneliness: Facing and fighting ‘No. 1 public health issue’
It can be lonely being a lawyer. We often spend long hours working in isolation. Even in law school, with almost 200 other students around me, I felt the sense of loneliness keenly. I saw my fellow classmates as competition.
California attorney devotes his career to helping children navigate immigration courts
Martin Gauto, a senior attorney for Clinic (the Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc.) in Los Angeles, has represented hundreds of immigrant children who were apprehended at the U.S. border after fleeing abusive situations in countries such as Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.
Life lessons: Lawyers share their experience in podcast series
The Asked and Answered podcast asked experienced lawyers what lessons they’ve learned while practicing law, and what those lessons have meant for them both personally and professionally.
Crafting helps high-achieving lawyers relax, recharge and have fun
Lawyers complement their practice of law with knitting, sewing, woodworking and similar hands-on artistic endeavors. They say it helps them to relieve stress, refresh and refocus.
A former top ICE lawyer in Seattle gets prison time for stealing immigrant identities

The former chief counsel for the Seattle office of U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement was sentenced to four years in prison Thursday for stealing the identities of immigrants in removal proceedings to take out loans and credit cards.

Never predictable, Justice Anthony Kennedy leaves legacy in conservative, liberal decisions
Speculation about the retirement of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy has been rampant since President Donald J. Trump took office in 2017. Kennedy invited the president’s daughter Ivanka to an oral argument at the court soon after the inauguration.
This city may have the first criminal justice system to be led entirely by black women
The city of South Fulton, Georgia, has a municipal court system that is led entirely by black women, but it wasn’t part of any kind of master plan, according to Chief Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers.
More women are attaining law firm partnerships: Is the Me Too movement providing a boost?
Women are being promoted to law firm partnerships at a faster pace since sexual misconduct allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein helped spur the Me Too movement.
How Lawyer Moms of America quickly gained 10,000 members to oppose family separations
A new group called Lawyer Moms of America, formed to oppose separation of immigrant families, has quickly grown to 10,000 members, thanks to social media.

The group is planning a Day of Action on June 29, even though President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to end family separations.

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