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Cat-and-mouse game: Customers demand cybersecurity, law enforcement wants easier access to evidence
Modern technology has created a honeypot of data for cyberthieves and law enforcement. Police and prosecutors are adopting novel technology and raising new constitutional arguments in court, which brings up privacy concerns.
Alternatives to email give law clients secure communication options
Security professionals have long known about issues with PGP and S/MIME encryption. Secure online portals such as MyCase, Rocket Matter and Clio and end-to-end encrypted messaging apps provide client communication alternatives.
Law firms embrace blind recruiting to promote diversity—but does it work?
Could the resume become an anachronism? At some law firms, particularly in Canada and the United Kingdom, hiring partners have embraced blind recruiting, removing identification details from candidates’ resumes and applications to eliminate potential bias and promote diversity.
Law firms can learn from other industries’ missteps on cybersecurity awareness and prevention
The cybersecurity needs of a small law firm will be different than the needs of an international firm. However, all law firms must pay close attention to privacy laws.
Algorithms fall short in predicting litigation outcomes
Algorithms are built on structured data. If your data is of low quality, then it’s as the saying goes: “garbage in, garbage out.”
Are law firms that place great importance on ‘cultural fit’ merely perpetuating the status quo?
“Fit is a way for embedded histories and power relationships to make it more difficult for minorities, women and people who do not possess the cultural capital represented by golf, for example, to succeed in particular settings—including the corporate law firm,” one study finds.
Clients pushing their outside counsels to adopt stricter cybersecurity standards and protections
Companies are expending more manpower and money on keeping their data safe. The study found that two-thirds of respondents expected their legal department’s role in cybersecurity would increase over the following 12 months, compared with 55 percent in the 2015 survey.
BigLaw firms are working together to influence how blockchain technology will operate in the future

The cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry is already crowded with firms eager to nab high-tech startups as clients or help legacy clients navigate a brave new world.

What is the FCC going to do about millions of bot comments during the net neutrality repeal debate?
Prepare for and plan against a cyberattack
Attorneys are subject to frequent cybercrime attacks, email accounts are breached, and we are solicited to move money for cybercriminals. Helpful frameworks for information security professionals can guide your incident response planning.
Going green: Law firms see business benefits of B Corp certification
Attorneys like Allen Bromberger are making sustainable efforts to draw clients who embrace a greener lifestyle. B Corp certification documents a firm's actions in job creation, corporate responsibility, effect on the community and impact on stakeholders.
Do as I say: Good news for lawyers who hate transcribing by hand
There's a growing list of automatic transcription tools on the market.
Are you covered? Cyber insurance market is highly unstable and lacks uniformity
As cyberthreats evolve and proliferate, more insurers are expanding options to help law firms mitigate loss. However, without industry standards, coverage and cost vary from plan to plan, sometimes causing gaps in potential coverage.
ABA Techshow 2018 examines legal profession’s direction with technology emphasis
ABA Techshow 2018 paired panel discussions focused on mentoring female and minority lawyers alongside the traditional sessions examining workplace efficiency, as well as legal issues arising from old, new and emerging technologies.
How pro bono representations lead to paid work for lawyers
Pro bono matters can lead to paid work for lawyers. Attorneys have a professional responsibility to provide legal services to those unable to pay.

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