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Tech training helps lawyers meet client expectations
Tech training helps lawyers get up to speed to meet client expectations.
Clients pushing their outside counsels to adopt stricter cybersecurity standards and protections
Companies are expending more manpower and money on keeping their data safe. The study found that two-thirds of respondents expected their legal department’s role in cybersecurity would increase over the following 12 months, compared with 55 percent in the 2015 survey.
BigLaw firms are working together to influence how blockchain technology will operate in the future

The cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry is already crowded with firms eager to nab high-tech startups as clients or help legacy clients navigate a brave new world.

What is the FCC going to do about millions of bot comments during the net neutrality repeal debate?
Prepare for and plan against a cyberattack
Attorneys are subject to frequent cybercrime attacks, email accounts are breached, and we are solicited to move money for cybercriminals. Helpful frameworks for information security professionals can guide your incident response planning.
Going green: Law firms see business benefits of B Corp certification
Attorneys like Allen Bromberger are making sustainable efforts to draw clients who embrace a greener lifestyle. B Corp certification documents a firm's actions in job creation, corporate responsibility, effect on the community and impact on stakeholders.
Do as I say: Good news for lawyers who hate transcribing by hand
There's a growing list of automatic transcription tools on the market.
Are you covered? Cyber insurance market is highly unstable and lacks uniformity
As cyberthreats evolve and proliferate, more insurers are expanding options to help law firms mitigate loss. However, without industry standards, coverage and cost vary from plan to plan, sometimes causing gaps in potential coverage.
ABA Techshow 2018 examines legal profession’s direction with technology emphasis
ABA Techshow 2018 paired panel discussions focused on mentoring female and minority lawyers alongside the traditional sessions examining workplace efficiency, as well as legal issues arising from old, new and emerging technologies.
How pro bono representations lead to paid work for lawyers
Pro bono matters can lead to paid work for lawyers. Attorneys have a professional responsibility to provide legal services to those unable to pay.
How can lawyers find cybersecurity solutions that work for them?
Lawyers don’t have to break the bank if they wish to be protected from cybertheft. But that doesn’t mean they can afford to be cheap in selecting security products and services.
Specialists show lawyers how to advertise effectively on social media
Businesses have been paying for outside social media help for years, but attorneys are just starting to supplement their social media needs—and it appears to be paying off.
Lawyers have an ethical duty to safeguard confidential information in the cloud
Remote storage and other internet-enabled technologies can create unique ethical quandaries for lawyers. With changes to ethics rules reflecting technology’s role in the profession, many find the prevailing reasonableness standard difficult to interpret.
A Fastcase original: Inspired by Netflix, the legal research service is creating its own content
Legal research provider Fastcase launched RAIL: The Journal of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence & Law. The print publication is sold via subscription by its new publishing arm, Full Court Press.
Yale’s civil litigation clinic aims to train law students and make a difference
Yale Law School has set up a law clinic for first-, second- and third-year students to work on novel lawsuits with the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office. This approach makes the subject easier and more meaningful, according to students.

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