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Objector lawyers committed ‘fraud on the court,’ says Illinois appeals court

Updated: A law firm that claimed professional objectors were extorting fees in class action lawsuits will be able to introduce evidence supporting the allegation as a result of an Illinois…

Other People’s Money: Rise of litigation finance companies raises legal and ethical concerns
Litigation financing is third-party funding of legal cases. Legal financing companies provide a nonrecourse cash advance to litigants—usually plaintiffs—in exchange for a percentage of the judgment or settlement. It is not considered a loan but rather a form of asset purchase or venture capital.
Lawyers are generally free to represent clients paying with crowdfunding, DC bar ethics opinion says

Lawyers are generally free to represent clients who use crowdfunding to pay for representation, although the ethical implications vary based on the lawyer’s level of involvement, according to a new…

Does your client need fee financing? New ABA ethics opinion provides guidance
Lawyers may refer clients to fee financing companies even if they own a financial interest in the lender or broker, according to a new Formal Opinion from the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility.
Labaton Sucharow agrees to return $4.8M in attorney fees after attorney finder fee is revealed

Labaton Sucharow has agreed to return $4.8 million in attorney fees to plaintiffs and other law firms in a securities class action against State Street Corp.

The payment resolves allegations…

Lawyer in Arkansas same-sex marriage case sues co-counsel, says he denigrated her work
A lawyer who successfully sought to overturn Arkansas’ gay-marriage ban has filed a defamation suit against her co-counsel that argues he denigrated her work and wrongly accused her of inflating her work hours.
Former law firm of disbarred lawyer Stan Chesley agrees to pay $19M for fee overcharges

A dissolved Ohio law firm once owned by mass-torts lawyer Stanley Chesley has agreed to pay fen-phen diet-drug litigants $19.1 million to resolve their unjust enrichment claims stemming from attorney…

‘Outrageously excessive’ requests for attorney fees can be altogether denied, 3rd Circuit says

A federal appeals court has upheld a federal judge’s decision to deny as “grossly excessive” a request for more than $900,000 in attorney fees based on a $100,000 punitive award.

GoFundMe page raises cash for Michael Cohen’s legal fees, despite Lanny Davis blunder

A GoFundMe page for Michael Cohen’s legal fees had raised more than $135,000 by Thursday morning even though Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, gave an incorrect domain name in early…

Judge is ‘almost haunted’ by Greenberg Traurig fee request, says it’s not ‘mere Monopoly money’
A judge in Manhattan has rejected a $464,000 fee request by Greenberg Traurig in an opinion that faulted the law firm for “gold plated lawyering” in a relatively straightforward case.
Special master who reviewed billing in $300M case recommends significant refund, judge says
A federal judge has directed pension fund officials to consider whether they want to drop their law firm, Labaton Sucharow, after a contentious hearing Wednesday in which he said the firm’s conduct has been called into question in the class action against State Street Bank.
Wisconsin law requires all litigation funding arrangements to be disclosed
Legislation signed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker last week requires all third-party litigation funding deals to be disclosed—even if a discovery request has not been made for that information.
Billing client in minimum 15-minute increments wasn’t abusive, Wyoming Supreme Court says
A law firm that routinely billed a longtime client in 15-minute increments isn’t required to reduce its legal tab, the Wyoming Supreme Court has ruled.
Defunct Heller firm not entitled to claw back fees from exiting partners, California high court says

The dissolved Heller Ehrman law firm isn’t entitled to claw back hourly fees charged in pending cases after departing partners jumped to new law firms, according to the California Supreme…

Unhappy with 53 law firms participating in case, judge appoints special master to review legal bills

A federal judge in California last week criticized two lawyers for bringing an additional 49 law firms into a data-breach case, raising to 53 the total number of firms representing…

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