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Judge takes first step to decide whether Happy the elephant should be released from Bronx Zoo

Happy the elephant has cleared a hurdle to possible freedom from the Bronx Zoo with a New York judge’s show-cause order.

The Orleans County judge, Tracey Bannister, ordered the…

Cops aren’t entitled to kill dogs during search just because they are unlicensed, 6th Circuit says

Police officers who fatally shot a couple’s dogs during a home search weren’t entitled to kill the animals just because they were unlicensed, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.


Dog on a lease? Woman surprised to learn pet she paid for was a rental

New York could become the third state to ban animal rentals after the state attorney general filed a fraud suit against a chain called The Pet Zone that includes allegations…

10 Questions: This legal team brings wild approach to their practice
Kansas City litigator Tristen J. Woods and his law partner Lauren Sierra Kruskall founded the Jungle Law Group to advocate for animals in civil and criminal court.
‘Monkey selfie’ case may hang around in 9th Circuit
It's the case that keeps hanging on: the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals may reconsider an April decision that held animals can't sue for copyright infringement, a ruling that was supposed to settle the "monkey selfie" debacle.
Chimpanzees lose habeas bid in New York’s top court; a judge sees a ‘manifest injustice’

New York’s top court has refused to hear a habeas appeal filed on behalf of two caged chimpanzees, but one judge sees merit in arguments made.

In a concurrence

Suit argues animals have the right to sue their abusers

A horse named Justice is entitled to recover the costs of his medical care and damages for pain and suffering from his alleged abuser, according to a negligence suit filed…

Monkey has no standing to assert copyright infringement in selfie case, 9th Circuit rules
A federal appeals court has ruled that a monkey has no standing under the U.S. Copyright Act to assert copyright in selfie photos.
Animal park must move lemurs and tigers because of Endangered Species Act violation, court says

A former zoo in Iowa must transfer its lemurs and tigers to other facilities because of a violation by the Endangered Species Act, a federal appeals court has ruled.


Dangerous animal ban is vague as applied to Pinky the dog, Iowa appeals court says

The Iowa Court of Appeals has granted a reprieve to Pinky the dog in a 3-2 decision finding Des Moines’ dangerous animal ordinance was unconstitutionally vague as applied to the…

Shelter claims it is entitled to cat custody because adoptive owner breached indoors-only contract

A woman who named her cat after Reggie Watts is getting some help from the comedian in her custody battle with a shelter that claims it is entitled to the…

A purr-fect ending for Grumpy Cat is a $710K win in court
Star of memes Grumpy Cat has a savvy owner who's leveraged the feline's sourpuss face to produce branded products, score a commercial spot and obtain a “spokescat” deal.
Legal quirk lets struggling Florida greyhound tracks boost income with other types of gambling
Florida greyhound track owners can provide activities such as poker or slots as along as they keep running the dogs. Animal advocates and some track owners are looking to have this law scrapped.
SeaWorld sanctions motion claims Covington recruited ‘puppet plaintiffs’ in consumer class action

SeaWorld contends in a sanctions motion that Covington & Burling should pay more than $1.9 million in attorney fees incurred by the park for defense of a “frivolous” class action…

Whistleblowing for Wildlife: Advocates hope rewards prompt poaching reports
The word whistleblower evokes names such as Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg and Deep Throat. But the reach of today’s whistleblower has begun to extend beyond the political jungle and into the animal kingdom through the Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program.

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