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ABA Techshow 2018 examines legal profession’s direction with technology emphasis
ABA Techshow 2018 paired panel discussions focused on mentoring female and minority lawyers alongside the traditional sessions examining workplace efficiency, as well as legal issues arising from old, new and emerging technologies.
60 tips, tricks and technologies to improve your life and practice on and offline
Updated: A free artificial intelligence legal research tool, accepting cryptocurrency at your firm and a way to get your tab addiction under control were just a fraction of the 60 tips and technologies shared in the last 60 minutes of ABA Techshow in Chicago.
Gear freaks rejoice: Hand-gesture-controlled drones and robotic printers are here!
Heidi Alexander, deputy director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, and Lincoln Mead, IT director for the Utah State Bar, showed off novel and useful tech gear to a standing-room-only crowd during a Saturday morning session at ABA Techshow.
Take a people-centric approach to implementing software, improving processes
Legal software comes out of the box missing two critical features: It needs people and a consistent process to run.
Best speech recognition software? Market dictates one choice
Process automation tools are plentiful at ABA Techshow, and consultants, generally, resist recommending one best-of-breed solution that can work for every office.

However, when it comes to speech dictation, one program seems to have separated itself from the pack.
Lawyers can contribute to the rise of blockchain by understanding it
Blockchain technology can make legal services more efficient and less costly by establishing automated smart contracts that don’t have to rely on human intermediaries to be enacted. According to David Fisher, founder and CEO at Integra Ledger, lawyers need to first understand how blockchain functions before it can be effectively used in the legal industry.
Ransomware is a growing threat, but there are things you can do to protect your firm
Ransomware is a growing, $1 billion-a-year industry—and one that has already proven to be devastating to other multibillion-dollar industries around the world.
#MakeLawBetter: Keynote address lays out the future of legal services
Dan Katz, associate professor and director of the Law Lab at Chicago-Kent College of Law, urged the audience at ABA Techshow to embrace technology and process improvement to #MakeLawBetter during his Friday keynote address.
What’s an inexpensive way to teach tech?  Find outside experts, say law school librarians
Law school librarians are expected to teach students about technology, and sometimes that requires creativity—especially if deans won’t allot funds to help with that endeavor.
Tech entrepreneurship features a shift in thinking at some law schools

Some skills used in technology entrepreneurship are contrary to what’s traditionally taught at law schools, but that may be changing, as the use of technology continues to grow in the…

Law schools dive into virtual reality experiences for their students
Corrected: Law schools are ramping up efforts to provide more experiential learning opportunities through virtual reality experiences that will allow both students and practicing attorneys to practice their lawyering skills anytime, anywhere.
How to find the right mentor—especially if you are a female or minority lawyer
Finding the right mentor can be tricky—especially for female and minority lawyers.
Check out this year’s best Techshow freebies (gallery)
There are many great reasons to attend the ABA Techshow Conference and Expo. But one of our favorites is the inventive promotional materials that vendors and exhibitors bring every year, and 2018 was no exception. We saw the expected multitude of screen-cleaning wipes, pens and T-shirts. But there were some new trends and fresh ideas as well.
How to figure out what tech works for you
Attending the ABA Techshow can be overwhelming—especially for lawyers and legal professionals looking for ideas about what kinds of technology to use to boost their practices.
Alexa, Fitbit and sex toys are making waves in court
The internet of things is defined by a device's connectivity to the internet and other devices, as well as the user data it collects.

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