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These 15 startups will go head-to-head at ABA Techshow

The winners of the 2018 ABA Techshow Startup Alley competition were announced Tuesday.

Chosen by a public vote held on Above the Law, the winners will give their pitch during…

Competitions boost interest and involvement at ABA Techshow 2017
Adding some spice to the agenda of the ABA Techshow 2017 was the inaugural Startup Alley competition,which pitted 12 legal startups against one another in a knockout-style contest, with audience members voting for the winners. First place went to Ping, an automated timekeeping program that allows lawyers to automatically track and bill their hours without starting or stopping a timer.
What have previous Legal Rebels been up to? We talked to 8 of them to find out

We love featuring innovators in our annual Legal Rebels issues, but these creative legal minds don’t stop churning after they earn their titles. ABA Journal editor and publisher Molly McDonough…

What was the buzz around ABA Techshow? (podcasts)

Our podcast partners at Legal Talk Network were on the scene of the 2017 ABA Techshow in Chicago, recording interviews with attendees about how technology is changing the legal industry.…

Did you miss out on ABA Techshow? Here’s a roundup of what went on

60 Tips in 60 Minutes focuses on increasing productivity for work and life
The always-popular ABA Techshow closing session, 60 in 60, has taken on several iterations over the years: websites (“60 Sites in 60 Minutes”), general tech tips (“60 Tips in 60 Minutes”) and a hodgepodge of things (“60 Tips, Tricks, Gizmos, Gadgets and Sites in 60 Minutes”).
Chatbot to help victims of military sex trauma wins Tech for Justice hackathon event
The traditional Saturday morning plenary session of ABA Techshow served as a wrap-up of activities that took place during the preceding three days, and underscored the main themes of the conference.
ABA President Klein reaffirms commitment to endangered LSC
ABA President Linda Klein reaffirmed the ABA’s commitment to the Legal Services Corporation, calling on ABA Techshow attendees to do what they could to help persuade Congress to fund the under-fire nonprofit corporation.
Blockchain technology can provide lawyers with an authentic, secure ledger
A crash course in blockchain at ABA Techshow started Friday with Oliver Goodenough instructing participants to repeat after him its more useful generic description, "distributed ledger technology."
Avvo, LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer CEOs say their products help bridge access-to-justice gap

The ABA Techshow’s highly anticipated, and somewhat controversial keynote session took place on Friday afternoon at the Hilton Chicago. As promised, Avvo CEO Mark Britton, LegalZoom CEO John Suh…

Want to know if work data is secure? Examine your own practices first

Technology can help you keep data secure, but the first step in preventing a cyberattack is personal behavior, according to Shamla Naidoo, IBM’s global chief information security officer.

“As consumers,…

The robot lawyers are coming (to help, not to take your jobs)

There is no such thing as robot lawyers, and even if there were, they are not coming to take jobs away from human lawyers.

Instead, lawyers should think about how…

How much evidence can you get from wearable devices, and is it reliable?

There are many ways to get data from wearable devices, and frequently users don’t have an opportunity to consent, said two ABA Techshow panelists, speaking Friday about the “Internet of…

ABA mobilizes ‘Legal Aid Defenders’ to fight for LSC survival
Updated: The American Bar Association has begun mobilizing in defense of the Legal Services Corp., which would be eliminated in President Donald Trump's recently released budget.
If you step away from your legal tasks to learn tech, you’ll stop wasting time at work
In order to eliminate waste and become more efficient, lawyers have to do something that, for many, might seem like the epitome of time-wasting. Likewise, if lawyers wish to upgrade their technological capabilities and improve the way the practice law, they have to do something that, for many, is antithetical to their being: Stop practicing law.

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