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Does a diverse bench really matter?
It has been said that justice is blind, and for the legal profession, that is the hope and the ideal that we believe in. Unfortunately, in reality “justice” has many factors that influence outcomes, and the lack of diversity on the bench can lead to unjust results.
ABA ethics opinion offers guidance on data breaches
Lawyers have to safeguard client data and notify clients of a data breach, and the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility has issued a formal opinion that reaffirms that duty.
Who is your legal icon?

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has ascended to pop culture prominence, as shown on the October cover of the ABA Journal. Ginsburg’s trailblazing career has drawn a wide range of admirers beyond those who hope for her Supreme Court intercession.

Could 80 percent of cases be resolved through online dispute resolution? (podcast)
Perhaps in five to seven years, as Colin Rule sees it, half of U.S. citizens who file court cases will have access to online dispute resolution software walking them step by step through their matters, resolving up to 80 percent of cases.
Cartoon Poll: Which clown caption tickles your funny bone?

Jury duty is no joking matter, or is it? We laughed through more than 300 entries for this month’s cartoon caption contest. But we need your help deciding the winner.…

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ takes a somewhat realistic look at law school and legal employment

In How to Get Away with Murder, students vie to take a trial skills class with Annalise Keating, a successful criminal defense attorney. This is spot on: My favorite courses were taught by adjuncts who have actually practiced law.

Do you bring your smartphone or laptop to meetings?

The temptation can be great to bring a smartphone or laptop to a meeting—whether it’s to try to multitask, assuage the fear that you’ll miss an important call, or just combat boredom.

We need to talk about abortion, says author of ‘Scarlet A’
Three in 10 American women who are 45 or older have had an abortion, Katie Watson, author of Scarlet A: The Ethics, Law & Politics of Ordinary Abortion, tells the ABA Journal’s Lee Rawles. For women 44 and younger, one in four are projected to have an abortion in their lifetime. Yet for all the fiery rhetoric about the legality of abortion, Watson–who teaches bioethics, medical humanities and constitutional law at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine–has found a reluctance by people to discuss their own personal experiences with abortion, or even the nuances of their views on its ethics.
What was the most memorable CLE you’ve taken?

Continuing Legal Education classes can be dry as chalk dust, but with a little bit of innovation, they can be entertaining and informative.

The Brooklyn Eagle recently reported that…

Cartoon Caption: Are these prospective jurors serious or just clowning around?

Being inside a courtroom can sometimes seem like a three-ring circus, and these potential jurors are really committed to their work! Send us your best caption for this month’s cartoon.…

From courtroom to concert stage, this criminal defense lawyer uses her voice to push for reform
Rochester, New York-based solo practitioner Danielle Ponder treats audiences to her signature soulful beat layered with lyrics inspired by the five years she spent as a public defender representing some of her city’s poorest citizens.
My Path to Law: Adam Leitman Bailey
In seventh-grade English class, I was introduced to a book about John Peter Zenger, the reason I have been giving my entire life to wanting to become an attorney.
Civility reboot: Can lawyers learn to be nicer to one another?
When did it become so cool to be so unkind? Can our profession (and society in general) detoxify and reboot its soul? How should citizens or members of healthy and nontoxic households converse with one another?
How do you say it? Try this quiz to evaluate your pronunciation skills
Over time, words can change in spelling, meaning and pronunciation. In this quiz, choose the pronunciation favored in the late 19th century through the 20th.
Tales of addiction: What every attorney should know about alcohol and substance abuse
Lawyers often are warned about the dangers of excessive alcohol use, even as they celebrate wins and mourn losses. Legal practitioners must understand the issues of control, compulsion and consequences in managing their consumption. If you have a gut feeling about troubles facing another lawyer, you don't have to diagnose the problem, says lawyer and consultant Jeena Cho. But you may need to prepare for a difficult conversation.

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