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ABA opposes 2 bills requiring states to recognize concealed-carry permits issued by other states

Criminal Justice

OJ Simpson wins parole in unanimous vote by board

Law Schools

Texas Southern’s law school receives ABA public censure after sex discrimination allegations

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is accused of arranging sham marriage to gain immigration status for assistant


F. Lee Bailey: Where is he now?

Criminal Justice

Unsealed document describes cozy relationship between Chicago cops and prosecutors


North Dakota judge laments decline in civility, cites ‘Seinfeld’

Attorney General

Trump: I wouldn’t have appointed Sessions if I had known he would recuse in Russia probe

Building the 21st Century Law Firm

Ask Daliah: Here’s help on tracking your time


Jury selection in Shkreli fraud trial follows trend of favoring the uninformed

Legal Education

Asian-Americans are apparently losing interest in law school; report shows outsize enrollment drop

Attorney General

Justice Department reinstates forfeiture program that returned seized assets to local police

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court allows more extended-family exemptions to travel ban

Question of the Week

Is there an essential clothing brand or item that you buy repeatedly?

Law Professor

Dean who settled case with Cincinnati Law lands visiting prof spot at Penn State


Alleged judge stalkers made obscene phone calls, sent explicit photos; judges live in fear, cop says

Law in Popular Culture

‘Rogue One’ actress Jones to play Ruth Bader Ginsburg in upcoming movie

Criminal Justice

Ex-House Speaker Hastert leaves prison, must undergo sex-offender treatment

The Modern Law Library

Merriam-Webster editor shares the ‘Secret Life of Dictionaries’ (podcast)

Patent Law

Patent lawsuits drop 21 percent in the Eastern District of Texas as SCOTUS ruling brings new era

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