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Sentencing/Post Conviction

Bill Cosby is sentenced to up to 10 years in prison, denied bail pending appeal

Trademark Law

Physician calling himself ‘the real Dr. Joshi’ sues indicted doctor with the same name

Criminal Justice

Female lawyers exempt from tampon ban for Virginia prison visitors

Criminal Justice

Trump appointee changes long-standing policies regarding racial disparities in youth incarceration

Supreme Court Nominations

Kavanaugh defends himself in TV interview; White House is open to testimony by 2nd accuser

Legal Technology

Simplify a tedious deposition review with technology

Immigration Law

Priest could face deportation from US after disclosing he mistakenly voted in 2006 election

Business of Law

Avvo will improve lawyer-rating transparency, pay $50K fine in agreement with New York AG

U.S. Supreme Court

Gender equity has come a long way, Justice Ginsburg tells Columbia Law students

Civil Rights

Court must consider defendant’s ability to pay when setting bail, Dallas federal judge says

Law Schools

Yale Law’s Chua, Rubenfeld deny advising Kavanaugh clerk candidates to dress a certain way

Supreme Court Nominations

Kavanaugh accuser Ford agrees to testify Thursday; 2nd accuser steps forward

Asked and Answered

Election Protection: How lawyers can help uphold voters’ rights this November

Attorney General

Groups decry Sessions’ ruling that limits judges’ ability to dismiss deportation cases

Law Schools

University of Alabama School of Law receives record $26.5M gift, new name

Immigration Law

DOJ review finds immigrant legal education program ineffective; provider calls study flawed


California judge accused of sexual harassment spanning nearly a decade

Trials & Litigation

Widow of BigLaw partner loses en banc petition in wrongful-death lawsuit


Students can challenge Education Department over loan forgiveness, judge rules


6 of 7 Arkansas Supreme Court justices charged over case of judge who protested death penalty

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